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Noteworthy Victorian Writers & Poets

Austen, Jane - Jane Austen, by Harriett Childe Pemberton (GOP 1882)
Beale, Anne - Anne Beale, Governess and Writer (GOP 1901)
"Extracts from her diary."
Carey, Rosa Nouchette - Rosa Nouchette Carey, by Helen C. Black (GOP 1899)
Cowden-Clark, Mary - Love-Serve: A Few Recollections Inspired by the Name of Mary Cowden-Clarke, by C.A. Macirone (GOP 1889)
Noted author of a Shakespearian concordance.
Craik, Mrs. A Model Novelist: The Author of "John Halifax, Gentleman" (GOP 1888)
"Mrs. Craik (Dinah Maria Mulock), novelist, essayist, magazine writer, and poet."
Ewing, Mrs. - Mrs. Ewing and Her Books, by F.W. Newland (GOP 1899)
"In most of her books Mrs. Ewing traces the progress of children from youth to manhood and gives us an insight into the development of their character."
Giberne, Agnes - Miss [Agnes] Giberne, by Isabel Stuart-Robson (GOP 1898)
Havergal, Frances Ridley - Frances Ridley Havergal, by Alice King (GOP 1888)
Writer and poetess (and author of many Victorian greeting card verses).
Hemans, Felicia - Mrs. Hemans [Poetess], by Alice King (GOP 1889)
Heusser, Meta - A Swiss Poetess, by the Rev. John Kelly (GOP 1886)
"Meta regarded as quite the foremost among the German speaking writers of sacred poetry of her time."
Jefferies, Richard - Richard Jefferies (GOP 1889, 1890)
Artist and poet.
King, Alice - Our Blind Contributor - Alice King, by Alice King (GOP 1887)
"At length came the, for me, happy days when that wonderful and beautiful machine, the type-writer, was brought to England from America." This enabled the writer to set down her own words rather than having to dictate to another - and Miss King was a prolific writer!
Mulock, Dinah Maria - See Craik, Mrs.
Rossetti, Christina - Christina Rossetti: An Appreciation, by Isabella Fyvie Mayo (GOP 1898)
Tucker, Charlotte - "Life of A.L.O.E. by Agnes Giberne(book review) (GOP 1896)
Turner, Ethel - Our New Serial Story (GOP 1901)
A brief biographical note about writer Ethel Turner.
Wood, Henry - Mrs. Henry Wood A Memoir by Charles Wood (book review) (GOP 1895)
Mrs. Wood was a novelist; her son was the editor of Argosy magazine.
Yonge, Charlotte Talk About Miss Yonge, by Clotilda Marson (GOP 1901)

Literary Households, by Sarah Tytler (GOP 1895)
Mrs. Barbauld; Dr. John Aikin and Lucy Aikin; Jane Porter, Anna Maria Porter, and Sir Robert Ker Porter; Maria Edgeworth, Richard Lovell Edgeworth, and Thomas Day; Ann and Jane Taylor and their brother Isaac.
Memories, by E.F. Bridell-Fox (GOP 1890)
A collection of handwritten letters and signatures of famous poets.
Women's Noms de Plume, by Dora de Blaquière (GOP 1890)
Pen-names of various authors; Louisa May Alcott once wrote under the name of "Tribulation Periwinkle!"

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