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The Girl's Own Paper 1900


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Site, Base, Support and Superstructure: A Contrast Between Ancient and Modern Methods of Building, by H.W. Brewer
Coming of Age
Knitted Baby Shoe
Book-Emblem Suppers
Cake Decorating, by Lina Orman Cooper
Cookery Recipes
Different Ways of Making and Serving French Pastry and Cakes
Farced [Stuffed] Olives
Frauds in Cookery, by Eve
Home-Made Biscuits in Switzerland
Home-Made Bread, by Mary Rowles Jarvis
Housekeeping in May
Invalid Cookery, by Florence Sophie Davson
Monochrome Meals, by Marie P. Green
Omelets and Their Making by Dora de Blaquière
Some Novel Ways of Dressing the Potato
West Indian Products, by Dora de Blaquière
Whole-Flake Fish Pie
Centrepiece Embroidery
Combined Cushion and Chair Back in Embroidery
A Few Hints on Repousse, by Fred Miller
How to Make Paper Baskets for Carrying Flowers, by Eliza Brightwen
The Needlework of Wartime, by Dora de Blaquière
Painted and Embroidered Photograph Frame; Sofa Cushion of Gauze and Lace Applique
Painting Wild Flowers in the Fields, by Fred Miller
Paper Folding, by Linda Orman Cooper
The Revival of Art Needlework and Embroidery, by Florence Sophie Davson
A Silk Purse in Crochet Work
A Simple Tint-Gauge, by Somerville Gibney
Sketching and Painting Birds from Life, by Fred Miller
What to Do With a Butter Tub, by Fred Miller
What to Do With Old Magazines, by Barrington MacGregor
Art Students and Some Art Schools, by Florence Sophie Davson
Girls as Students, by Lily Watson
Music Students and Their Work, by Florence Sophie Davson
Girls as Visitors, by Lily Watson
The Language of Girls, by Elsa D'Esterre-Keeling
On Giving Presents, by Verbum Sap.
Collar of Steel Beads and Velvet (picture)
Morning or Dressing Jackets in Flannel, Silk or Cashmere
My Clothes Month by Month (monthly)
Some Pretty Hats (picture)
A Pretty Zouave Jacket
The Trousseau of Today
Two Charming Evening Wraps
How to Grow Apples and Pears, by B. Wells
Tub-Gardening: How to Add to the Size of a Small Garden
The Face and Its Blemishes, by "The New Doctor"
Hints About Health for June, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
The Invalid's Library
Inklings to Invalids, by Nora Usher
"A Little Strengthening Medicine," by "The New Doctor"
Massage, by "The New Doctor"
The Medical Side of Electricity, by "The New Doctor"
Some Medical Appliances Made of Knitting, by Susan Shearman
Mental Treatment of the Sick, and Higher Qualifications of Nurses, by S.F.A. Caulfield
Microbes, by "The New Doctor"
A New Year's Gift to Our Girls, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
Physical Culture for Girls, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
The Physical Training of Girls
Some Words in Season, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
Spring Is Nigh, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
What We Pay for Our Boots, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
The Worst of All Plagues, by "The New Doctor"
Century-Ends/Where Centuries Meet, by Clotilda Marson
The Mystic Art of Writing, or, the Dawn of Letters, by Emma Brewer
Every Man His Own Housekeeper, by James and Nanette Mason
How to Get Up [Clean] Lace and Chiffon
My Dairy and the Work Therein, by Lina Orman Cooper
My Laundry, and How It Is Furnished, by Lina Orman Cooper
Notices of New Music
Away to the Woodland Green (two-part song) - words by H.G.F. Taylor, music by H.A.J. Campbell
Because You Love Me - words by E.M. Dunaway, music by E.L. Earle
Impromptu, for Pianoforte - music by Albert Ketelbey
The Invitation - words by Charles Peters, music by Myles Foster
The Vain Lament - by Hortense, Queen of Holland
Objects & Antiquities
Concerning Some Small Bags, by Mrs. Jerome Mercier
My Museum of Eastern Curios, by Mrs. Eliza Brightwen
Royal Musicians, by Eleonore D'Esterre-Keeling
American v. British Cycles, by N.G. Bacon
Cycle Gymkhanas: How to Prepare and Practice for Them, by N.G. Bacon
Cycle Polo, by N.G. Bacon
Fancy Cycling, by Isabel Marks
Free-Wheel Cycles, by N.G. Bacon
Hockey: A Splendid Game for Girls, by E.M. Robson
How We Started Our Hockey Club
Lawn Tennis, by H.M. Pillans
Motors and Motoring, by N.G. Bacon
The Picture Postcard Craze: Hints to Collectors, by Dora de Blaquière
Skating, by Christine Handley
The Princess of Wales' Dogs, by Ernest M. Jessop
The Princess of Wales' Tame Birds, by Ernest M. Jessop
Princesses Who May Be Queens, by Marie A. Belloc
The Queen's Pet Dogs, by Ernest M. Jessop
An English Girl in South Africa
Letters from Sunny Switzerland, by Teresa Tschopp
How to Visit Norway, by the Rev. Thomas B. Willson
Log of Voyage to the Cape, and Diary of Army Nursing in South Africa
Our Travel Club, and How We Manage It
The Passion Play at Ober-Ammergau, by F.W. Newland
Traveling, by Elizabeth Dawes
Women's Issuse
Four Quotations, by Honnor Morten
The Girl of Today, by One of Them
Soldiers' Wives, by the Rev. E.J. Hardy
Bread-Winning at Home, by Margaret Bateson
Hair-Work as a Highly Remunerative Employment for Girls
Some Healthful Employments for Girls, by Gordon Stables (Medicus)
Lady Cooks and Their Training
The Life of a Nurse
The Literary Life from a Woman's Standpoint, by Isabella Fyvie Mayo
Pharmacy as an Employment for Girls, by R. Kathleen Spencer
What Girls Are Doing for South London, by the Rev. Thomas B. Willson
Women's Work in Sanitation and Hygiene, by Florence Sophie Davson

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