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The Girl's Own Paper 1898


Download the complete Contents/Index for this issue, including all stories, serials, poetry, and articles not posted on*

Purchase this issue: Please note that this is a large PDF file - roughly 125MB. It can only be downloaded to an actual computer (desktop or laptop); the file is not compatible with a Smartphone or tablet. If ordering from a phone or tablet, please save or e-mail yourself the download link and access it from your computer.

*If a volume contains "extra numbers" -- e.g., the summer and/or Christmas issues -- these are not included in the volume index.


After-School Education in America, by Dora de Blaquière
Our Beautiful Furs and Where They Come From, by A.T. Elwes
Typical Church Towers of English Counties, by H.W. Brewer
Baby's First Shoe from Old Kid Gloves
Child's Washing Hood
Infant's Hem-Stitched Shirt
The King's Daughters: Their Culture and Care, by Mrs. Lina Orman Cooper
Cold Meat Cookery and Vegetables
Cold Potatoes: What to Do With Them, by Susan M. Shearman
Cookery Recipes
Herbaceous Meats and Fruit Diets, by Lucy Helen Yates
How to Make American Candies
Preserving and Conserving; Aromatic Herbs and Spices, by Lucy Helen Yates
Sauces, and How to Make Them
Savoury Dishes Without Meat
Some Economical Irish Dishes, by Lina Orman Cooper
Some Indian Recipes, by Fenella Johnstone
Vegetable Cookery, by Lucy Helen Yates
What to Cook, and How to Cook It, by Lucy Helen Yates( GOP 1898)
Cretonne Knick-Knacks, by Josepha Crane
Cut Leatherwork, by Leirion Clifford
Dainty Ribbon Embroidery, by Leirion Clifford
How to Do Huckaback Work, by Josepha Crane
How to Weave Cane Baskets, by Leirion Clifford
A New Idea for Treating a Piano Back, by Fred Miller
A New Life for an Old Ball, by Susan Shearman
A Painted Silk or Satin Pianoforte Front
Practical Hints on Designing, by Constance Jacobs
The Use of Feathers in Embroidery
A Warm Quilt, by "Cousin Lil"
Musical Degrees for Our Girls, by Annie W. Patterson
Presentation Day at London University, by a Lady Graduate
A Pretty Accent, and How to Acquire It, by Susan Shearman
Apotheosis of the Pocket Handkerchief, by Dora de Blaquière
Frocks for To-morrow (monthly)
House Mottoes, by Sophia F.A. Caulfield Neither a Horse-Leech for a Guest."
Modern Slang, by Darley Dale
Growing Vines in Pots, by Mrs. Eliza Brightwen
Baths and Bathing, by "The New Doctor"
Be Warned in Time! Or, Walking the Hospital with "The New Doctor" by "The New Doctor"
Beauty: A Duty, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
The Benefits of a "Summer Holiday", by "The New Doctor"
Chiefly About Rheumatism, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
Deaf People, and How to Help Them, by Alfrey Porter
Digestion and Nourishment, by "The New Doctor"
From March Till May, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
Healthy and Happy in July, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
Hospital Sketches
How to Take Care of Our Sight, by "The New Doctor"
In the Joy of June, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
Indigestion, by "The New Doctor"
Influenza: Diet and Treatment, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
Medicinal Herbs, by The Lady Georgina Vernon
A Ministering Angel, by Josepha Crane
Our Climate, by "The New Doctor"
Our New "G.O.P." Year, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
Practical Points About Clothing, by "The New Doctor"
Religion and Medicine, by "The New Doctor"
Novelties in Christmas and New Years' Gifts, by Leirion Clifford
All About Water
"Glorified" Workmen's Dwellings
Hand-Made Buttons
Housekeeping in London, by Lucy Yates
How to Hang China, by Lina Orman Cooper
How We Furnished Our First Home for 150, by E.H. Pitcairn
Life in Women's Chambers: A Mother's Impression
"My Room" Competition Prize Winners
Some Secrets About Flowers, by S. Ballard
Two-Acre Farms or Villa Estates: The Homesteads of the Future, by Dora de Blaquière
Two Domestic Sanitary Appliances
Ventilation and Airing
Village Homes for Ladies, by H.B.M. Buchanan
Notices of New Music
Adagio Ma Non Troppo - music by Myles Foster
Allegro con Moto Agitato - music by Myles Foster
Chorale, for the Pianoforte or American Organ - music by Myles Foster
The Sea-Boy's Song - words by the Rev. H.C. Shuttleworth, music by Sir George C. Martin
Spring Memories, by Clotilda Marson
The Summer Sun, by Clotilda Marson
Willows and Water
Winter's First Footsteps, by Clotilda Marson
Christina Rossetti: An Appreciation, by Isabella Fyvie Mayo
"The Father of the Symphony": Joseph Haydn, by Eleonore D'Esterre-Keeling
A Few Personal Notes of Amelia Blandford Edwards, by Esther Du Bois
Franz Schubert, by Eleonore D'Esterre-Keeling
Gentlewomen Who Devote Their Lives to the Poor
Johann Sebastian Bach, by Eleonore D'Esterre-Keeling
Kate Douglas
Miss [Agnes] Giberne, by Isabel Stuart-Robson
Paderewski as a Composer, by A.E. Keeton
Canaries: Their Rearing and Management
Bicycling to Health and Fortune, by Lawrence Liston, MD
A Charity Gymkhana: How to Arrange and Manage It
How to Form a Girls' Cycling Club
Princess Adelaide
A Vice-Regal Drawing Room in Canada
An Afternoon Wedding, by Mary Pocock
Social Events in a Girl's Life: Reminiscences of a Bridesmaid, by La Petite
Down to the Sea in Ships, by C.E.C. Weigall
A Little Outing for Londoners, by H.W. Brewer
A Town Without a Woman (Athos, Macedonia)
In the Tyrol: The Suldenthal by Anne Mercier
Women's Issues
How to Start and Manage a Mother's Meeting, by E.H. Pitcairn
The Strides of Women, by Norma Lorimer
On the Employment of Girls in Dairy Work and Outdoor Industries, by Lady Georgina Vernon

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