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The Girl's Own Paper 1897


Download the complete Contents/Index for this issue, including all stories, serials, poetry, and articles not posted on*

Purchase this issue: Please note that this is a large PDF file - roughly 125MB. It can only be downloaded to an actual computer (desktop or laptop); the file is not compatible with a Smartphone or tablet. If ordering from a phone or tablet, please save or e-mail yourself the download link and access it from your computer.

*If a volume contains "extra numbers" -- e.g., the summer and/or Christmas issues -- these are not included in the volume index.


Laughing Jackasses, by Richard Gurney
Nature's Mimics, by Agnes Giberne
How to Give
How We Managed Our Creche
A Missionary Album, by Eliza Brightwen
White Versus Black: The Congo Training Institute for Native African Missionaries, Colwyn Bay, North Wales
Work for Squires' Daughters, by Barrett Knox
Child's Pinafore
Infant's Flannel Jacket
Queen Baby and Her Wants
On Canning Vegetables and Fruit, by Dora de Blaquière
Caramel and Cremes
The Chafing Dish in Daily Use, by Dora de Blaquière
The Children's [Christmas] Party Supper, by Lucy Yates
Five Little Dinners from a Leg of Mutton, by Susan M. Shearman
Food for Cold Days, by Lucy Helen Yates
A New Way of Serving Sheep's Head
Oranges: The "Poor Man's Fruit", by Lina Orman Cooper
Pickles, and How to Make Them
Rechauffes, by Lina Orman Cooper
Some Eastern Savories, by Lina Orman Cooper
Some Nice Ways of Using Up Stale Bread, by Susan M. Shearman
A Folding Screen and a Lampshade
How to Make a Japanese Cabinet, by Pamela Bullock
Linen Bag, by "Cousin Lil"
Motto Work-Bag, by "Cousin Lil"
An Overtowel in Linen Canvas
Point de Hongroie, by Leirion Clifford
A Pretty Pianoforte Back
Rococo Work, by Josepha Crane
What Can Be Done with an Agate, by Barrington MacGregor
What is the London County Council Doing for Girls? by Lily Watson
Preventable Worries, by Eliza Brightwen
The Day's Apparel (monthly)
Hats of Today
A Seamless Bodice, by Cousin Lil
St. John's Fires in France, by Georges de Dubor
All About Chrysanthemums, by John Allen
The Garden in Early Spring, by A. Yates
The Roses of June, by John Allen
A Bundle of Hints on Beauty, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
To Girls Who Wish to Be Well, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
Help for Deaf Girls
Hints on Home Nursing
Holidays in the Green Country,, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
How to Be Happy in Winter, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
Hydros and Health, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
In Chill November, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
The Influence of Religion on Insanity, by "The New Doctor"
Modern Methods of Treating The Sick, by "The New Doctor"
Quiet Hints for Spring and Early Summer, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
What Girls Might Do in December, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
"What Is the Name of This Ailment?", by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
When Bud and Burgeon Come Again, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
The Children's Party Supper, by Lucy Yates
Christmas Day Festivities in Italy
Cosy Homes for Wintry Weather
Girls and Their Pocket Money
My Boudoir, by Lady Bloomfield
Household - Sewing
An Apron Bag, by Cousin Lil
How to Renovate a Vest
Mending and Patching
Practical Papers on Plain Work, by Josepha Crane
Warm Sleeves that Cost Nothing, by J.E. Shepherd
Father of Love: Hymn for a Wedding - words by Henry Hamilton, music by Myles Foster
Longing - words by Mathew Arnold, music by Ethel Watson
The Old Refrain: Lines on the Death of a Chorister - words by Edward Medland White, music by the Rev. L. Meadows White
Retrospection - words by Charlotte Elliott, music by H.R.H. Princess Beatrice
A Song in a Dream - words by N. Breton, music by C. Villiers Stanford
Weep No More - words by John Fletcher (1647), music by William Hayman Cummings
Insectivorous Plants, by Eliza Brightwen
The Study of Mosses, by Eliza Brightwen
Objects & Antiquities
The Adventures of a Big Diamond
The Binding of a Book, by Frank Hird
The Brooch in Saxon Times, by Arthur Wright
From the Mine to the Mint, by Emma Brewer
The Silver Spoon Craze, by Dora de Blaquière
Keats: The True Grecian, by Sarson C.J. Ingham
Love-Lore from Abbotsford: Two Letters of Sir Walter Scott, Hitherto Unpublished
Pen and Ink Sketch of Maria Edgeworth, by C.A. Macirone
My Donkey Chair, by Emily Tregelles Cook
Peacocks, by Richard Gurney
Autographs, and Their Use, by Dora de Blaquière
The Cycle: How to Keep and Clean It
Our Girls A-Wheel, by N.G. Bacon
Queen Charlotte, by Sarah Tytler
Social Events in a Girl's Life: A Banquet at the Guildhall, by La Petite
Social Events in a Girl's Life: How I Was Presented at Court, by La Petite
Social Events in a Girl's Life: The Easter Banquet at the Mansion House, by La Petite
Social Events in a Girl's Life: My First Royal Garden-Party, by La Petite
Social Events in a Girl's Life: A Jubilee Drawing-Room, by La Petite
Social Events in a Girl's Life: Literary Dinners, by La Petite
Across the Atlantic in a Sailing Ship, by a Woman Who Went
The Girls' Holiday Home
Hints for Travelers in Summer, by Lucy Yates
Housekeeping in France
How Professional People Can Live in Rome, by Constance Helen Alexander
In Hohenloh Land, by Eleonore D'Esterre Keeling
My Adventures on a Snow-Capped Mountain
On Pottery-Making, by Gertrude Harraden
Student Life in Florence
Toledo: The Sheffield of Spain, by Fred Hastings
Under the Shadow of Cintra, by the Rev. Frederick Hastings
Fisher Girls and Fishwives, by Fanny Green
Gardening for Profit
Girls at Work
My Daily Round: A Competition for All Girls Who Work With Their Hands
A Pound a Week; Why Girls Should Earn It, by Margaret Bateson
Profitable Duck-Keeping, by T. Wilson-Wilson
World Culture
Christmas Day Festivities in Italy
The Girls of Greece, by Isabella Fyvie Mayo

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