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The Girl's Own Paper 1885


Download the complete Contents/Index for this issue, including all stories, serials, poetry, and articles not posted on*

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*If a volume contains "extra numbers" -- e.g., the summer and/or Christmas issues -- these are not included in the volume index.


Charity & Poverty
Our Flower Mission
The Obligations of School Life, by S.F.A. Caulfield
On Boiling Eggs
Eggs and How to Cook Them, by Phillis Browne
Entrées, by Phillis Browne
Home-Made Wedding and Birthday Cakes: How to Make and Ice Them, by Phillis Browne
Oysters, and What to Do With Them, by Phillis Browne
Penny Dinners, by Phillis Browne
Poultry as Food, and How to Cook It, by Phillis Browne
Something More About Soups, by Phillis Browne
Vegetarian Food
Country & Village
Cottage Meetings, by Alice King
Village Bands, by Alice King
Village Night Schools, by Dora Hope
Fancy Darning
How to Make a Metronome
How to Paint a Mantel Border, by Fred Miller
Imitation Barbotine Painting Upon Earthenware, by Blanche C. Saward
Pianoforte Fronts and How to Decorate Them, by Fred Miller
Repousse Brass Work, by Blanche C. Saward
Useful Novelties in Fancy Work
Cookery Classes, by Alice King
St. George's Hall, Edinburgh: Art Correspondence Classes
Answering Letters, by M.A. Baines
Good Breeding as Shown in Visiting the Poor, by S.F.A. Caulfield
"Honour Thy Father and Thy Mother," by S.F.A. Caulfield
Letters of Invitation, Etc., by S.F.A. Caulfield
Dress: In Season and In Reason (monthly)
As Easy as ABC, or, The Letters of the Alphabet
The History of the Sunday
The Framley Parsonage Rockery, by Gordon Stables
Common-Sense Advice for Working Girls, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
Health All the Year Round, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
An Invalid's Advice to Invalids, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
Milk: As Medicine and as Food, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
Practical Hints About the Hair, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
Rheumatism in the Young, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
Some Simple Facts About Medicines, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
Uncle Gilbert's Return, or, Christmas Decoration of the Home
How I Kept House on 250 a Year, by Mary Pocock
Order and Disorder, by Louisa Twining
Our Life in a Flat
Notices of New Music
Come Home Again - words from an old manuscript; music by C.A. Macirone
The Fairies: Scherzo for the Pianofort - by Ernst Pauer
For Old Sake's Sake - words by Marion Helen Burnside, music by Lady William Lennox
Love Is Ours - words by H. Barrington, music by Louisa Bodda-Pyne
Merrie England - music by C.A. Macirone
Minuet and Trio from a Suite for Orchestra - by Myles Foster
My Love Is Dead - words by P.B. Marston, music by Mary Carmichael
A Norwegian Melody - by Edvard Grieg
Old Songs - words by Anne Beale, music by Suchet Champion
Tendresse - music by William MacFarren
The Valley's Queen - words by F.B. Doveton, music by Elizabeth Philp
A Wish - words and music by Mrs. Tom Taylor
Flowers and Perfumes, by Gordon Stables
"Lords and Ladies"
Wonderful Plants, by Frederick Whymper
Objects & Antiquities
Our Fraternal Society, by Dora Hope
Plain Needlework
Venetian Glass, by George E. Fox
Agnes Jones
Dr. Johnson and the Ladies
The Jubilee Singers at Grosvenor House, by Anne Beale
Immanuel Kant, by Emma Brewer
Famous Lady Travelers: The Adventures of Lady Baker, by Edward Whymper
Famous Lady Travelers: The Great Arabian Traveler Lady Anne Blunt, by Edward Whymper
Famous Lady Travelers: Miss Constance F. Gordon-Cummings, by Edward Whymper
The Adventures of Madame Godin, by Edward Whymper
In Memoriam: Mrs. Meadows White
Women as Hymn Writers, and What They Have Done, by the Rev. T.B. Willson
An English Princess
The Queen's Royal Descent Through Female Line
Friends in Council: The Chiltern Club
My "At Home" and How I Managed It
Our Shakespeare Society
Our Tour in Norway:The Diary of Two London Girls
Toydonia, or, The Land of Toys, by Emma Brewer
Women's Issues
The Duties of Wives and Mothers, by S.F.A. Caulfield
The Importance of Women's Work, by the Rev. E.J. Hardy
Children of the Pantomime, by Anne Beale
On Emigrating as Domestic Servants to New Zealand
Girls of the Ballet and Chorus, by Anne Beale
Lady Dispensers, by Gordon Stables (Medicus)
The Spinning Wheel in Use Again
World Cultures
Girl-Life in the Black Forest,
Girl Life in India, by a Zenana Missionary
Girl-Life in Italy
Girl Life in Russia, by F. Toulman Smith
Mongolian Girls, by the Rev. James Gilmour

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