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The Girl's Own Paper 1883


Download the complete Contents/Index for this issue, including all stories, serials, poetry, and articles not posted on*

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*If a volume contains "extra numbers" -- e.g., the summer and/or Christmas issues -- these are not included in the volume index.


A Lady's Journey to Texas and Back Again, by Julia Conron
Charity & Poverty
A Farewell, by Anne Beale
Girls' Work in the Mission Field: Europe, by Mary Selwood
The Kyrle Society
The Kindergarten, by Dora Hope
Occupations for Children, by Dora Hope
Broken Bread and What to Do With It, by Phillis Browne
Home-Made Jam, by Phillis Browne
Home-Made Pickles, by Phillis Browne
Country & Village
Winter Entertainments in Villages, by Gentianella
Art Needlework, by Helen Marion Burnside
Coloured Leaves: How to Print Them
Crayonium, by Blanche C. Saward
Fancy Braid Crochet
How to Paint Upon Silk and Satin, by Blanche C. Saward
Knotting, by B.C. Saward
Lustra Painting, by Blanche C. Saward
On Painting in Oil Colours, by John C. Staples
Small Articles Made with Plush, Satin Sheeting, Satin Merveilleux, and Piece Linen, by Blanche C. Saward
Torchon Lace, and How to Make It, by Blance C. Saward
Etiquette for "Our Brothers," by S.F.A. Caulfield
How to Address People of Title, by Ardern Holt
Punctuation Viewed in a New Light, by S.F.A. Caulfield
Some Hints on Giving Presents
Seasonable Clothing and How It Should Be Made (monthly)
About Gloves and Their Significance, by Henry Faith
Girls' Christian Names
Creepers and Climbing Plants, by Gordon Stables
Window Gardening, by Gordon Stables
Domestic Poisons, Their Detection and Antidotes, by C. Proctor
Early to Bed and Early to Rise, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
Exercise, and How to Benefit by It, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
How to Nurse and Tend the Aged, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
In the "Fall" of the Year, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
Medicines: When to Take and When to Avoid, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
A Plea for Vegetables v. Drugs, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
Pure Air: What It Can Do, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
The Secret of Home Happiness and Wealth, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
Sleep, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
Tea in Health and Sickness, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
What a House Ought to Be to Be Healthy, by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N.
Curiosities of Court Receptions, by the Hon. Mrs. Armitage
The Founding of Kempten, by the Baroness van Gilta
A Girl's Own Paper 360 Years Ago
The Angels' Song
Christmas at Court, by the Hon. Mrs. H. Armytage
May Day in France, by Annie Kemp
What We Used to Do at Christmas, by Ruth Lamb
The Care of Clothing, by Dora de Blaquière
Carving at Table, by S.F.A. Caulfield
Family Clothing: What It Is and How to Buy It, by Dora de Blaquière
A Few Words on Money Matters
The Linen of the House, by Dora de Blaquière
Margaret's Neighbors, by Dora Hope
Screens for Fireplaces, by Blanche C. Saward
Servants and Service, by Ruth Lamb
The Girls' Own Home, by the Countess of Aberdeen
The Y.W.C.A.
Notices of New Music
Afternoon in February - words by Longfellow, music by Mrs. Tom Taylor
All in Vain (ballad) - words by Edward Oxenford, music by Franz Abt
Andante for Violin and Pianoforte - music by Arthur Bunnett
The Angels' Song
Evening Clouds - music by Edwin Lott
Her Only Child - words by Fred Weatherly, music by Louisa Gray
Lessons of the Gorses - words by Elizabeth Browning, music by Alice Mary Smith
Love Having Once Flown - words by Sir Philip Sydney, music by C.A. Macirone
The Merry Harvest Time (for three voices)
The Slumber Song - words by Maggie MacDonald, music by G. Feldstein
The Spirit of Mine Eyes - music by John Gledhill
Spring - words by Sydney Grey, music by Cotsford Dick
Time at the Ferry - words by Jetty Vogel, music by Lady Benedict
Village Bells - words and music by Charles Bassett
Clara Schuman, by La Mara
The Girl Who Dared
Two Female Crusoes
How I Learned to Play Lawn Tennis
Tobogans and Toboganing, by Alfred Harmsworth
Anecdotes of Queen Victoria and the Royal Family
The Colonies and Dependencies of Great Britain: Newfoundland, by Emma Brewer
The Colonies and Dependencies of Great Britain: Dominion of Canada, by Emma Brewer
The Colonies and Dependencies of Great Britain: The West Indies, Central and South Africa, by Emma Brewer
The Colonies and Dependencies of Great Britain: Barbadoes & St. Lucia, by Emma Brewer
The Colonies and Dependencies of Great Britain: Australia & New Zealand, by Emma Brewer
Hints to Travelers, by Ruth Danby
Our Journey to Persia
Female Clerkships in the Post Office
The Girls' Friendly Society
Higher Thoughts on Girls' Occupations: Teaching the Young, by Alice King
An Underground Excursion, by Ruth Lamb
World Cultures
An Armenian Girl's Betrothal and Marriage
Girls' Work in the Mission Field: Europe, by Mary Selwood

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