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Links: Books and Texts Online

See also the Authors and Literature page for links to sites that feature the works of a particular author.

General E-Text Sites

19th-Century Girls' Series
Loads of books to read online.

The Bolles Collection on the History of London
Outstanding collection of digital texts on the history of London.

British History Online
A wealth of books and papers transcribed, digitized and available at no charge.

British War Poetry in the Age of Romanticism 1793-1815
Hundreds of poems archived online.

British Women Romantic Poets, 1789 - 1832

The Ex-Classics Website
An ex-classic is a book which used to be a classic, but is no longer read much, or at all. This web site is dedicated to rescuing these works from obscurity and making them available online, both for reading directly, and for downloading. Contains an interesting variety of texts, including the Newgate Calendar.

Google Books
Search this huge archive by author or title; contains quite a number of Victorian periodicals.

Internet Archive
An excellent digital text archive, with thousands of books from university libraries, including a great many Victorian periodicals.
Click "19th Century Literature" to be taken to a list of authors; click an author and you'll find links to loads of e-texts.

Mousehold Words
Recreates the 19th-century serial novel "experience" by e-mailing you sections or chapters of serial novels at a schedule you choose, without charge. Includes novels by Dickens, Alcott, Wilkie-Collins, and many others.

Open Library
This site has a huge library of digital texts (over 1 million); the problem is finding them. You can search by author or title, but if you'd like to locate a particular type of book (e.g., "Victorian poetry"), it gets more complicated. Forget the pages marked "index" as they lead only to the structure of the site itself, not a list of books. The easiest way is to search for a topic, then look at the subject list in the left column for more options.

Project Gutenberg
Thousands of books archived in various digital formats. This is a good place to search by author or title; to look for nonfiction books on British history (including dozens written in the Victorian period), go to the United Kingdom page.

Romantic Circles
The Romantic Circles Electronic Editions offers a searchable archive of texts of the Romantic era.

Victorian Prose Archive
Victorian texts of scholarly interest.

The Victorian Women's Writers Project
Transcriptions of works by British women writers of the 19th century, including anthologies, novels, political pamphlets, religious tracts, children's books, and volumes of poetry and verse drama.

Individual Texts

London Labour and the London Poor
A fascinating book by Henry Mayhew, primarily concerned with the lives and work of street vendors and costermongers.

Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management
The complete text of this classic recipe and household management book.

The Newgate Calendar
The Newgate Calendar was one of those books, along with a Bible, Foxe's Book of Martyrs and the Pilgrim's Progress, most likely to be found in any English home between 1750 and 1850. Children were encouraged to read it because it was believed to inculcate principles of right living -- by fear of punishment if not by the dull and earnest morals appended to the stories of highwaymen and other felons. This site contains the complete contents.

Letters, Diaries, and Autobiographies

Letters, Journals and Speeches of Queen Victoria
The Letters of Queen Victoria, Vol. 1 -
The Letters of Queen Victoria, Vol. 2 -
The Letters of Queen Victoria, Vol. 3 -
Victoria's Speeches in Parliament -
Victoria's Journal: "Our Life in the Highlands" -

The Victoriana Women Writers' Letters Project
Database of the letters and correspondence of three Victorian women (totalling more than 1000 letters).

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