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We only have space for "selections" from our archive of Victorian periodicals. Each volume in our archive offers hundreds of additional pages of stories, poetry, serial novels, and additional articles that aren't posted on Each volume also offers a wealth of artwork and photography that we just don't have room to post.

Here in the magazine store, we offer electronic copies of nearly every magazine featured on this site. Moreover, many of these are not available electronically anywhere else! If they are, our scans are generally superior, as we scan at 300 dpi and in full color, which means (unlike GoogleBooks) all the original illustrations are included.

Not compatible with Smartphones or tablets! Please note that these are not "e-books" (in the sense of Kindle or Nook). These are the scanned pages of the original magazines (sometimes up to 900 pages) in PDF format. The average file size is 125MB. Please do not attempt to download one of these files to your phone or tablet. If you are accessing this page from your phone or tablet, please wait to download your file until you can do so to a computer or laptop. (Please be aware as well that, due to the large file sizes, files may take several minutes to download.)

The Girl's Own Paper

The weekly The Girl's Own Paper began publication in 1880; annuals were published each October. Each volume (except for Volume 1) contains over 800 pages. Some volumes below also include the special "Christmas number" (*), and some have both the Christmas and Summer numbers (**). Click on the volume year to access the complete table of contents and a list of articles posted on

GOP 1880
GOP 1881
GOP 1882
GOP 1883
GOP 1884
GOP 1885
GOP 1886
GOP 1887
GOP 1888
GOP 1889*
GOP 1890**
GOP 1891**
GOP 1892*
GOP 1893
GOP 1894
GOP 1895
GOP 1896**
GOP 1897
GOP 1898
GOP 1899
GOP 1900
GOP 1901
GOP 1902
GOP Collection 1:

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GOP Collection 2:

SAVE! 11 volumes for $35,
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The Strand

The Strand was launched in 1891, and continued well into the 20th century. Since this site is concerned only with the Victorian period, we've only collected and archived the first ten years. Each volume covers six months and contains between 660 and 800 pages (later volumes tended to be longer). Click the year to visit the issue's detail page, download the complete index/table of contents for that issue, and view the articles posted on

V. 1: January-June 1891
V. 2: July-December 1891
V. 3: January-June 1892
V. 4: July-December 1892
V. 5: January-June 1893
V. 6: July-December 1893
V. 7: January-June 1894
V. 8: July-December 1894
V. 9: January-June 1895
V. 10: July-December 1895
V. 11: January-June 1896
V. 12: July-December 1896
V. 13: January-June 1897
V. 14: July-December 1897
V. 15: January-June 1898
V. 16: July-December 1898
V. 17: January-June 1899
V. 18: July-December 1899
(Free download) V. 19: January-June 1900
V. 20: July-December 1900

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Magazine Abbreviations:
CFM = Cassell's Family Magazine GOP = Girl's Own Paper ILA = Illustrated London Almanack S = The Strand
AM = Atlantic Monthly C = Century Magazine D = Demorest's Monthly Magazine G = Godey's Lady's Book H = Harper's Monthly
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PDF files on this site are best viewed with Adobe Reader 9.0 or later. Download Acrobat Reader free.