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Bits About Animals: A Treasury of Victorian Animal Anecdotes

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In this captivating collection, you'll encounter railway dogs and seafaring sheep, wise elephants and sagacious rats, cats both caring and conniving, and other tales of just about any sort of critter that walks, hops, crawls or flies! Meet Anchor the stag beetle, Pepper the "catting dog," Mungo the curious mongoose, and Asnapper the brown owl. Meet dogs that can calculate time and prices, cats that plot revenge, mischievous birds, messenger pugs, and at least one fortunate mouse. You'll find the story of the sociable pig, the "fairy" in the soap dish, the jealous robin, the tree-kittens... Includes delightful essays by naturalist Eliza Brightwen, who shared her home with animals of every description! This volume has never-before-anthologized articles from The Girl's Own Paper, The Strand, Cassell's Family Magazine, and more. Packed with gorgeous illustrations, this book is a treasure you'll go back to again and again!


Click the linked articles to read excerpts online.

  • The Tom-Tit's Complaint (poem), by Jetty Vogel (1885*)
  • How We Saved the Poor Birds in Winter (1880)
  • Bits About Animals (over 90 separate animal anecdotes), by Ruth Lamb et al. (1880-1891)
  • Bits About Rats (1881)
  • Our Dick (1881)
  • A Clever Raven (1880)
  • Mountain Sheep, Shepherding, and Shepherds' Dogs, by Ruth Lamb (1881)
  • Mr. Smith (poem), by Wilfred Woollam (Cassell's Family Magazine, 1888)
  • Bits About Animals: Dogs, by Ruth Lamb (1881)
  • A Useful Bird (Poem) (1880)
  • Signs of Spring (Poem) (1881)
  • Tippoo the Foundling, by Ruth Lamb (1885)
  • Bits About Birds, by Ruth Lamb (1885)
  • Legends of the Habits of Animals
  • Long-Tail, Esquire, by Ruth Lamb (1885)
  • A Doggie Story, by Ruth Lamb (1885)
  • Qui M'Aime, Aime Mon Chien/Cave Canem (Poem) (1894)
  • Over the Kaveri: A True Incident, by Mrs. Austin Dobson (1888)
  • Lord Randolph and Tim; Snow, by Ruth Lamb (1889)
  • Jack: My Fox Terrier, by Daniel Dormer (1894)
  • Our Birds (1892)
  • Mungo: A Study,, by Eliza Brightwen (1895)
  • The Whip-poor-Will (Poem), by G.P. Morris (Young People's Scrapbook, 1884)
  • Lemurs, by Eliza Brightwen (1894)
  • A "Fairy" Story, by Eliza Brightwen (1895)
  • Asnapper: The Brown Owl, by Eliza Brightwen (1895)
  • Our Storks (1895)
  • Tame Doves, by Eliza Brightwen (1895)
  • The Tree-Kittens, by Eliza Brightwen (1896)
  • Anchor: A Stag-Beetle Study, by Eliza Brightwen (1897)
  • Tame Voles, by Eliza Brightwen (1899)
  • The Fierceness of Gloucester: the Taming of Squirrels, by Eliza Brightwen (1898)
  • How Bruin Allowed Johannes to Pass Him (1900)
  • Mischievous Jack, by Eliza Brightwen (1899)
  • The Sorrows of a Son and Heir, by Eliza Brightwen (1898)
  • Merops/Merops Married, by Eliza Brightwen (1901)
  • Timma, by Frederick J. Crowest (1901)
  • Chance Glimpses of Nature, by Eliza Brightwen (1901)
  • My Pet (Poem), by Sydney Grey (1885)
  • Some Favorite Dogs, by Evelyn Everett Green (Cassell's Family Magazine, 1888)
  • To Our Editor: Jetty Vogel's Cat (Poem), by Jetty Vogel (1887)
  • The Dogs of Cornwall, by a Westmoreland Naturalist (Leisure Hour, 1860)
  • Natural History of the Peacock (Poem) (Atlantic Monthly, 1865)
  • Anecdotes of Animals/Notes of a Westmoreland Naturalist (Leisure Hour, 1860)
  • Animal Friendship, by Albert H. Broadwall (The Strand, 1899)

*Articles are from The Girl's Own Paper unless otherwise noted.

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Moira Allen.
All rights reserved.

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CFM = Cassell's Family Magazine GOP = Girl's Own Paper ILA = Illustrated London Almanack S = The Strand
AM = Atlantic Monthly C = Century Magazine D = Demorest's Monthly Magazine G = Godey's Lady's Book H = Harper's Monthly
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