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Victorian Magazine DVD Collections
Our magazine DVD collections are the ideal way for you to add some of the most popular Victorian periodicals of the day to your bookshelf - for a fraction of what it would cost to buy the originals. (Not to mention a fraction of the shelf space!) Our DVDs enable you to read, enjoy, and research the original publications in chronological order - every article, every story, every poem, every illustration! You'll find the text easy to read with our full-color scans, which capture every detail of each magazine's beautiful Victorian artwork and photography - including the stunning color prints included in many volumes. Start building your Victorian magazine library today!

Cassell's Family Magazine 1875-1896
If you're looking for a "lifestyle" magazine of Victoriana, look no further than Cassell's. This delightful family magazine covers nearly every aspect of Victorian life, from how to host an at-home musical event to how to become a London policeman. Enjoy articles on cooking, fashion, gardening, nature - plus features like what to expect on a railway journey or on a rainy day in London. Lots of fiction and novel serializations, of course!
22 issues
on 2 DVDs

$35 + $3 s/h

Century Magazine 1882-1898
In America, the premiere general-interest magazine in Victorian days was The Century Magazine. This fascinating collection brings you articles on history, archaeology, Native Americans, the Civil War (including the complete "Battles and Leaders of the Civil War"), world travel and exploration, American politics, and so much more. You'll also find serializations of complete books, including the life of Abraham Lincoln, the life of Napoleon, the memoirs of Talleyrand, George Kennan's investigation of Siberian exile camps, and many others. Plus, of course, short stories and novels by top American and British authors, delightful poetry, and amazing photography.
34 issues
on 2 DVDs

$35 + $3 s/h

Chatterbox 1872-1923*
Enjoy more than three decades of one of the world's most popular children's magazines! Each volume is a bit over 400 pages, packed with short, informative articles, stories, poetry and puzzles. Most of all, this magazine is known for its fabulous artwork, including hundreds of illustrations by famed animal artist Harrison Weir. (Please note that these magazines were enjoyed by generations of young people; some volumes have missing or damaged pages, and some pictures have been colored in by talented young Victorians!) *At this time we have been unable to locate the 1919 volume, which was apparently a transition year in which the magazine changed to a new series.
51 issues
on 2 DVDs

$35 + $3 s/h

The Girl's Own Paper 1880-1902
Explore the changing world of the Victorian woman in this remarkably progressive magazine. Conservative in the beginning, the GOP soon begins to promote education and recognize that even a "gentlewoman" may need to work for a living! You'll find over 800 pages of fashion, cooking, crafts, and household tips in every volume - plus articles on science, history, government, nature, education, women's work and more! Every issue is packed with short fiction, serials and poetry. Beautifully illustrated, with color plates in many volumes.
23 issues
on 2 DVDs

$35 + $3 s/h

Illustrated London Almanack 1845-1888
You'll find a wealth of tidbits and Victorian trivia, from calendars of London events to lists of government officials and world leaders, in this annual issued by The London Illustrated News. Discover a year of tides, seasons, holidays, saints' days, horoscopes and more in every issue. Plus, each issue has a fascinating array of features, from country lore and farm customs to seasonal looks at British wildlife, astronomical information, history and more. This DVD collection also includes full 300-dpi resolution JPGS of the wonderful color prints that were included in every issue from 1858 onwards - ready for you to print and frame!
44 issues*
on 1 DVD

$35 + $3 s/h

*Plus bonus 300-dpi jpgs of the color prints, perfect for printing and framing!
The Strand 1891-1902**
Two words: "Sherlock Holmes!" In fact, you'll find a host of celebrated detectives in this collection, as well as the master himself - plus several of Doyle's serialized novels. Plus, enjoy hundreds of other classic stories by famous authors from around the globe. Get a glimpse of the odder facets of Victorian life in The Strand's many articles and photos of eccentric Victorians, curiosities, and of course, the strange things those Americans get up to. Every issue is a photo-packed look into the Victorian world.
24 issues*
on 1 DVD

$35 + $3 s/h

*Plus Special Bonus Disk with all the issues from 1903-1922!

**Copies of The Strand are available for free download on; however, our collection offers superior scan quality, particularly with respect to this magazine's many wonderful photos and illustrations. To the best of our knowledge, no electronic downloads are readily or freely available for The Girl's Own Paper, Cassell's Family Magazine, Century Magazine, The Illustrated London Almanack or Chatterbox.

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Magazine Abbreviations:
CFM = Cassell's Family Magazine GOP = Girl's Own Paper ILA = Illustrated London Almanack S = The Strand
AM = Atlantic Monthly C = Century Magazine D = Demorest's Monthly Magazine G = Godey's Lady's Book H = Harper's Monthly
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PDF files on this site are best viewed with Adobe Reader 9.0 or later. Download Acrobat Reader free.