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A Victorian Christmas Treasury

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Would you like a preview? Download a 30-page excerpt! You'll also find over a dozen articles selected from this volume in the December issue of Victorian Times (along with a few features we had to leave out due to lack of space). Download that issue for free here: Victorian Times - December 2014

(Please note that both the preview and the December Victorian Times downloads are large PDF files - about 30MB each. They may not be compatible with a Smartphone or tablet; we recommend downloading directly to a computer or laptop. Please be patient - they may take time to download.)

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Christmas comes but once a year -- but if you're like me, you probably still can't wait! Christmas trees aglow with lights and glittering with baubles! Precious gifts for the ones you love! Carols filling the air with holiday gladness! The delicious smells of Christmas cookies and treats tantalizing you (OK, we can go back to our diets in January)! The joy of getting Christmas cards from distant friends and remembering old acquaintances! The chance to catch your favorite version of A Christmas Carol on TV!

If these are the things you love about Christmas, then you love Victorian Christmas. While Christmas goes back to ancient days, the traditions we love most today are firmly rooted in the Victorian era. Christmas tree? Queen Victoria loved it -- which helped it "take root" throughout England. Cards? Invented in 1843 -- thanks largely to the Victorian innovation of the penny post. "A Christmas Carol?" Well, Dickens, of course! And as for plum pudding... Well, until I started on this treasury, I thought there was just... plum pudding. I've since discovered dozens of recipes for this holiday favorite -- one is sure to please you!

OK, I admit it, I'm a Christmas addict. I can't wait to put up my tree and enjoy the sparkly lights and my heirloom collection of ornaments. I hate to take it down! And that's why I'm really excited about this collection I've put together: A Victorian Christmas Treasury. This book is your chance to experience Christmas in true Victorian style! It's packed with over 100 articles from Victorian magazines that show how Victorians celebrated this most beloved of holidays. Read letters from Victorian children to Santa; find out how Christmas crackers (the exploding kind) are made; discover how Queen Victoria herself celebrated the holiday. In this volume, you'll enjoy:

  • Christmas recipes and treats: pies, puddings, cakes, and everything you need to know to create a genuine, traditional Victorian Christmas feast
  • Christmas decorating tips -- Victorians loved decorating with natural items, just as we do today!
  • Christmas music
  • Christmas history and folklore from around the world
  • Glimpses of how Christmas was celebrated in Victorian times in other lands (especially Germany, France and Italy)
  • First-person accounts of how Christmas was enjoyed in England and America in the Victorian era
  • Delightful Christmas poetry and charming holiday stories
  • Plus... this volume is packed with gorgeous artwork that brings the spirit of Christmas to life!

This volume features articles, stories and poems that have never been collected anywhere else. Turning the pages is like opening a special collection of gifts, with a delightful surprise awaiting around every corner. It's a collection you will treasure for years to come -- one that is sure to become a part of your own Christmas traditions.

Copyright © 2017 by
Moira Allen.
All rights reserved.

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