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Some Royal Pets (CFM, 1895)
Pets of the royal household include, of course, many dogs - but also donkeys, horses, and even a bison!
Breakfast and Tea (Ingalls' Home Magazine, 1888)
On the importance of having something hot and nourishing for the all-important first and last meals of the day (along with tips on how to black a stove).
Our Silkworms and How We Tended Them (CFM, 1881)
It might not occur to everyone to raise silkworms, but this family managed to do it fairly successfully!
Costly Stones: Their Hue and Language (GOP, 1890)
A look at some of the great stones of the day, from the Koh-i-noor diamond to the Ruspoli sapphire, along with some basic information about gemstones and their origins and the "language" of stones (much like the language of flowers, each gem having its own meaning).
Kitchen: Beauty and Use (Demorest, 1885)
"I think most people will agree with me that in table arrangement, the balance which we would all desire is seldom found, and this is because I think most women are not brave enough to do the best they can from their own ideas within, regardless about what other people say."
Ice Cream (Demorest, 1885)
Timeless recipes for our favorite treat.
The Old Coaching-Days (CFM, 1874)
"Dr. Johnson used to think that of all pleasures there was none greater than a journey on the top of a stagecoach." And as one old-timer points out, "You got upset in a coach and there you were. You get upset in a train and where are you?"
Jerry: A Personality (Atlantic Monthly, 1894)
"Doubtless a better horse never was made than the strawberry roan Jerry. At least that is my own belief concerning the intelligent, affectionate animal, whose head is the head of a sage, and whose heart is... like a mountain."
Our Clocks (CFM, 1887)
On the "various means employed" throughout history to keep a record of the divisions of night and day and the passage of time.
Catering for Children's Parties (CFM, 1880)
This article opens with an intriguing discussion of how children have changed in "recent years," and notes that today, in the question of coffee vs. tea, most children prefer to drink coffee...
A Simple Way of Making Deep-Lid Boxes (GOP, 1896)
An excellent craft project for the holiday season - tips on making your own boxes of light cardboard (including unusually shaped boxes), which you could then decorate in any way you desire.
Dress at Home and Abroad (Demorest, 1873)
"It is possible to think and act for oneself even upon the subject of dress, and decide for ourselves how far our time and strength should be given to it, and in what way."
Homes with Two Servants (Demorest, 1889)
How to manage the "help."
A Hanging Cupboard with a Decorated Panel (GOP, 1902)
Charming Fred Miller design for a small wall cupboard.
A Dialogue in Low Life
An Ounce of Help
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Magazine Abbreviations:
CFM = Cassell's Family Magazine GOP = Girl's Own Paper ILA = Illustrated London Almanack S = The Strand
AM = Atlantic Monthly C = Century Magazine D = Demorest's Monthly Magazine G = Godey's Lady's Book H = Harper's Monthly
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