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Animal Friendships (The Strand, 1899)
The dog and the duck, the kangaroo and its canine mates, the cat who raised a litter of rabbits, the cow and her piglets, and a host of other unusual cross-species relationships.
My Herb Garden (The Girl's Own Paper, 1898)
How to plant one, and what to plant for kitchen and health use.
London in July (Demorest, 1885)
"In all the world there is only one London, and to go abroad without seeing it is to visit America without seeing Niagara or the Yosemite." And July is the height of the season in that great town...
Good Breeding Shown When Travelling (The Girl's Own Paper, 1884)
"Some fifty years ago travelling was a rare luxury... and those young people of the present day whose parents can afford to perfect their education, by means so healthful and agreeable, should make the utmost of such advantages... As well-bred young women they must refrain from allowing themselves any more license, either in dress or in conduct, merely because amongst strangers."
Figure-Heads (The Strand, 1891)
A lavishly illustrated piece on historic and artistic figure-heads.
Notes by an Artist Naturalist (The Girl's Own Paper, 1892-94)
Beautifully illustrated monthly series by artist Fred Miller on the flora, fauna and lore of the season.
An Old Roman's Bill of Fare (Cassell's Family Magazine, 1895)
Peacocks, nightingales, parrots' tongues (all the more valuable if the parrots could speak), ostriches, and fat little dormice were all featured on patrician tables... Nero was said to have had pheasant served on a layer of diamond dust. Fortunately for the digestion, apple dumplings were also popular...
The Queen of Inventions: The Sewing Machine (Godey's, 1860)
Save your health and eyesight - invest in this marvelous new invention that enables the needlewoman to perform her work in comfort.
How to Make a Japanese Cabinet (The Girl's Own Paper, 1897)
With some bamboo, boxes, black enamel, Japanese paper and a little gold dust, you can create a charming book or ornament shelf.
Reform in Underclothing (The Girl's Own Paper, 1888)
This article has some fascinating information on the origins of some common articles of Victorian underclothing -- the pantalette having been designed to enable young girls to wear shorter skirts -- and then looks at some recommendations for change, including the "emancipation bodice" and "Dr. Jasper's sanitary combination garment."
Recent Ideas on Dress Reform (The Girl's Own Paper, 1891)
This article (possibly by the same author) is an interesting follow-on to July's feature on reform in underclothing, written 14 years earlier. Now, the great enemy of women's health is the dreaded corset!
My Conjuring Tricks (Cassell's Family Magazine, 1892)
A would-be magician finds that holding on to his money can be the greatest trick of all!
Some Differences Between English and American Homes (Cassell's Family Magazine, 1895)
"Many English people seem to be under the impression that the Americans know little of the comforts of home life... It is difficult for Americans to understand, for they themselves are firmly convinced that they have solve the problem of how to make the home happy."
A Very Old Art: Embossing in Metal (Demorest, 1886)
Besides providing basic instructions on how to emboss metal, this article gives a bit of the history of this "very old art."
Roddy, the Rat (Windsor, 1896)
A pet rat's visit to the theatre, and what came of it.
Practical Points of Law (The Girl's Own Paper, 1901)
An introduction to a series on various intriguing points of English law in Victorian times, with sections on Wills; Servants; Fire Insurance; Life Assurance.
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