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Aunt Eve Interviewed (Harpers, 1873)
Normally I stay away from articles that depict "Negro vernacular," but this interview with a former slave, who believes herself to be around 104 years old, is too fascinating to put aside. Nor would it have been appropriate to write the article in any other way, since the interviewee had no formal education -- but a wealth of experience!
Some Animal Thieves (Cassell's Family Magazine, 1892)
A look at some exceptional and ingenious thefts perpetrated within the animal kingdom.
At the Sign of the Golden Balls (Windsor, 1898B)
A day at a London pawn shop.
Curiosities of Angling (The Strand, 1896)
A look at some fishing trophies, fishing records, and peculiar objects made to celebrate the art of angling.
To Let - Furnished (Cassell's Family Magazine, 1895)
On the benefits and hazards -- to tenants and landlords alike -- of renting a furnished residence in London.
About Fans (Demorest, 1870)
A brief but charming summary of the lore and legend of the fan.
Paying an Election Bet (The Strand, 1899)
The author, having lost his bet, was to ride a donkey from New York to San Francisco, without a dollar in his pocket, earning his keep along the way. One method he used to accomplish the feat was to sell pictures of his journey!
Summer Puddings (The Girl's Own Paper, 1891)
This delicious collection includes chocolate pudding, Devonshire junket, coffee mousse, orange fool, snowballs, and Italian cream, amongst others.
Recipes for August (The Girl's Own Paper, 1897)
One can see that times are indeed changing when a list of recipes begins with "Cyclist's sandwiches."
Pretty Yet Inexpensive Furniture (The Girl's Own Paper, 1902)
Tips on creating some lovely small pieces for the home with simple tools and supplies.
A Highland Joke (Cassell's Family Magazine, 1884)
The great Highland baby swap!
The Vulgarity of Super-Refinement (Windsor, 1896)
The title pretty much says it all!
Fiction... Sort of... "Aunt Mehitabel's Winter in Washington" (Godey's, 1873)
This wonderful six-part series of "letters" written by "Aunt Mehitabel" to her loved ones back in Virginia provide a wonderful look at Washington (DC) life and society in 1873. The Washington monument has not yet been built, and in one letter "Aunt Mehitabel" urges women across the country to send $1 toward its completion. The series looks at the notable figures of the day, describes fashions and homes in detail, and paints a brilliant picture of life on Capitol Hill.
Elegy on the Death of a Country Washerwoman
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Moira Allen.
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