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Etiquette of Courtship and Matrimony (Collier’s Cyclopedia of Commercial & Social Information, 1882)
From the "first steps of courtship" to "the wedding breakfast," this covers absolutely everything the proper Victorian couple needs to know about courtship, engagement and the marriage ceremony.
Buying Valentines (CFM, 1877)
Choosing just the right Valentine card for one's sweetheart was no easier in 1877 than today!
Workhouse Worries (Quiver, 1889)
What life is like for the elderly living in a British workhouse - the menu includes "a bit" of steamed meat on Tuesdays...
A Lost Reputation (The Strand, 1898)
How a dog of "savage and formidable character" was unmasked!
Model Menu for February (GOP, 1893)
What to offer for this month's dinner party.
A Book of Names (Century Magazine, 1897)
A look at a rare book compiled entirely of British surnames, organized by category - including "Blood, Flesh, Veins, Fairhead, Broomhead, Lovelock, Goodheart, Noback, Whitehand, Clinkerfoot" and many more that will set you chuckling!
Flowers Out of Paper (CFM, 1878)
How to make lovely Victorian paper flowers.
Out-Door Games From Over the Sea, Part 2: Home Tag (GOP, 1892)
A six-part series that looks at children's outdoor games from around the world, including some marvelous folklore about counting rhymes and other verses! (Warning: Victorian children's rhymes, especially from America, were not always politically correct!)
Art Needlework (GOP, 1888)
Beautiful embroidery patterns that work just as well today as they did more than 100 years ago.
More About Mr. Smith (CFM, 1886)
Second in a series of tales of the adventures of Mr. Smith, a charming fellow generously described as a "dachshund."
Cheap Dinners (Demorest, 1886)
Recipes for the budget-minded.
February Lore (ILA, 1846)
Country lore, customs and feast days.
Odds and Ends (GOP, 1896)
A fascinating round-up of news, notes and trivia from around the Victorian world.
The Camel's Dinner Party
Pairing Time Anticipated
Over My Porch
February Garland

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Magazine Abbreviations:
CFM = Cassell's Family Magazine • GOP = Girl's Own Paper • ILA = Illustrated London Almanack • S = The Strand
AM = Atlantic Monthly • C = Century Magazine • D = Demorest's Monthly Magazine • G = Godey's Lady's Book • H = Harper's Monthly
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