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An Educated Monkey (The Strand, 1897)
An orangutan who became a San Francisco sensation!
An Englishman on Americanisms (CFM, 1887)
"It is impossible to take up an American newspaper without reading of certain persons who are designated by such terms as scallawags, kickers, bolters, mud-slingers, cranks, dudes, bulldozers, dead-heads, loafers, roustabouts, mugwumps, etc."
The Postmen of the World, Part 2 (CFM, 1885)
The second half of this feature looks at the history and evolution of the British postal system.
Twelve Summer Beverages (GOP, 1896)
Cool down with a lemonade, mint julep, sherry cobbler, or champagne cup.
Timma (GOP, 1901)
A tale of an artist's cat.
How I Learned to Bicycle (GOP, 1896)
It's hard to imagine that, at one time, women were told that it was unsafe, unhealthy and unnatural to ride bikes. (Fortunately, they did not listen...)
"Flatting" in America (CFM, 1887)
British ladies find living in an American "flat" to be quite an unusual experience!
Hats and Bonnets of the Nineteenth Century (GOP, 1880)
"The extraordinary freaks of fashion in olden times scarcely exceed the absurdities into which we have been led since the first development of a bonnet out of the hat..."
Crewel Embroidery for Dresses (GOP, 1881)
Tips on using crewel embroidery to embellish garments.
My School Days, Part 6 (GOP, 1897)
Get up close and personal with famous children's author E. Nesbit as she recalls her own childhood in this charming 12-part serial!
Chronicles of an Anglo-Californian Ranch, Part 7 (GOP, 1899)
A British family sallies forth into the New World to seek its fortune in southern California, not far from the "busy and enterprising town of Los Angeles." (Still not quite politically correct...)
A Boston Schoolgirl in 1771 (Atlantic Monthly, 1893)
Charming excerpts from the diary of 12-year-old Anna Green Winslow. (Anna thinks quite a lot of nice clothes!)
A Relic of the Good Old Times (GOP, 1895)
Some medicinal suggestions from a "recipe" book of the early 1700's - do not try these at home!
Country Customs for June: Whitsuntide Processions (ILA, 1849)
The author considered this "our greatest English holiday," a time when every village had its clubs that put on processions and, sometimes, musical performances.
Odds and Ends (GOP, 1895)
A fascinating round-up of news, notes and trivia from around the Victorian world.
In the Gloaming
The Month of June

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Magazine Abbreviations:
CFM = Cassell's Family Magazine GOP = Girl's Own Paper ILA = Illustrated London Almanack S = The Strand
AM = Atlantic Monthly C = Century Magazine D = Demorest's Monthly Magazine G = Godey's Lady's Book H = Harper's Monthly
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