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Ghosts (The Strand, 1891)
Spooky tales of the Demon Huntsman, the White Lady of Berlin, the Miser of Rosewarne, the Spectre Bridegroom, and several others.
Mungo: A Study (GOP, 1895)
Eliza Brightwen's mongoose, Mungo, is, like Kipling's famous character, "eaten up from nose to tail with curiosity"!
Flowers in History, Part 4 (GOP, 1889)
This installment looks at lilies, leeks, lotus and laurel.
The Garb of Our Grandmothers (GOP, 1895)
Just as we enjoy looking back at Victorian fashions, Victorians enjoyed looking back at the "odd" fashions of their own ancestors!
Chats on the Calendar (GOP, 1883)
Quick, what garden vegetable is the focus of ancient Halloween traditions? You guessed it - the cabbage! (If that wasn't what you guessed, be sure to read this article on October folklore!)
Recipes for October (GOP, 1896)
Potatoes take center stage this month, with Potatoes Souffle, Potato Sautees, Fried Potatoes, Stuffed Potatoes, and even a Potato Pudding and a Potato Tea-Cake!
Jack the Railway Dog (GOP, 1882)
Jack, a fox terrier, liked nothing better than to ride the rails (unless it was hanging about train stations, where he was likely to get a "biscuit"). He was so well known that he had a lifetime "free pass" on the Brighton-South Coast line.
Visitors (GOP, 1891)
In Victorian times a "visit" often meant a stay of several days or even weeks - and this article is a guide to the etiquette of effective hosting.
Some Novel Ways of Dressing the Potato (GOP, 1891)
Still more potato recipes, including Potato Fritters, Potato Cake, and Potatoes Glace.
Cartoon: Cat and Dog Life (Chatterbox, 1904)
Tile Painting and Designing (GOP, 1881)
Artist Fred Miller's exquisite designs could be applied to many projects, including embroidery.
The Duties of Servants (GOP, 1881)
Part 1 offers a detailed explanation of the tasks expected of each type of servant in a household, as well as an overview of the wages to be paid to different types of servants. Part 2 examines the responsibilities of the mistress toward her servants as well as the tasks of the servants themselves.
Cars and Stages in America (Leisure Hour, 1860
A British traveler looks at modes of transporation in the US, including omnibuses, tramway "cars," railways, sleighs or sledges, and riverboats. There is also an interesting observation on "insulting" treatment of blacks on all forms of public conveyance in America.
Facts of Interest (Great Thoughts, 1888)
Some interesting trivia.
Nature's Simple Remedies (GOP, 1894)
Some interesting holistic remedies involving herbs, fruits and vegetables -- many of which are probably still being applied today.
Odds and Ends (GOP, 1895)
A fascinating round-up of news, notes and trivia from around the Victorian world.
The Month of October

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