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Victorian Times Quarterly #21
July-September 2019
Back Issues/Upcoming Issues: Victorian Times

Victorian Times Quarterly
Victorian Times Quarterly #21 brings you the complete contents of Victorian Times for July, August and September 2019 in a beautiful print edition. [NOTE: Articles listed for forthcoming issues are subject to change.]

  • Foolhardy Feats: The Niagara Fools (The Strand, 1897)
    "The last thirty years has witnessed an unending procession of fools to Niagara," to jump, walk a tightrope over the falls (in imitation of Blondin, who cooked an omelette on a stove balanced on such a tightrope), and, of course, to attempt the falls in the ever-famous barrel.
  • Some Differences Between English and American Homes (CFM, 1895)
    The English seem to believe that Americans know nothing of the comforts of life, while Americans believe they alone possess the secret of a happy home...

  • Animal Friendships (The Strand, 1899)
    The dog and the duck, the kangaroo and its canine mates, the cat who raised a litter of rabbits, the cow and her piglets, and a host of other unusual cross-species relationships.
  • Our Friends the Horses (2 Parts) (CFM, 1889)
    "The English may or may not be the finest horsemen in the world, but I doubt whether any other nation--with the exception, perhaps, of the Arabs--are on such thoroughly confidential, friendly terms with their horses as the English."

  • All About Oranges (GOP, 1892)
    In the 1890's, Britain imported nearly 32,000 tons of oranges every year; here are some delicious things to do with this wonderful fruit, from marmalades to orange creams.
  • Apples as Food (Demorest, 1882)
    Apples for breakfast, apples for dinner... Apple Sauce, Apple Custard, Apple Pudding, Apple Snow, Apple Tart... these are just a few of the tantalizing offerings for apple-lovers!
  • Some Eastern Sweets (GOP, 1886)
    Offering such tasty dishes as Coconut Pudding, Indian Fritters, Leechee Cream, Plaintain Fritters, and Lemon Honey.
  • High-Class Sweetmeats (GOP, 1899)
    Delicious, easy-to-make, timeless sweet treats.

  • Pianoforte Fronts and How to Decorate Them, (GOP, 1885)
    Lovely patterns from artist Fred Miller.
  • Tapestry Painting (GOP, 1880)
    Beautiful patterns that could be used in a variety of crafts.
  • My Work Basket (GOP, 1880)
    A selection of elegant patterns for embroidery and needlecrafts.

  • Etiquette for "Our Brothers" (GOP, 1883)
    On the importance of chivalry, honor and courtesy on the part of the male...
  • Good Breeding Shown When Travelling (GOP, 1884)
    "Some fifty years ago travelling was a rare luxury... and those young people of the present day whose parents can afford to perfect their education, by means so healthful and agreeable, should make the utmost of such advantages... As well-bred young women they must refrain from allowing themselves any more license, either in dress or in conduct, merely because amongst strangers."
  • The Prophet's Chamber (GOP, 1901)
    On the best way to arrange a guest-room.

    Fashion & Costume
  • Recent Ideas on Dress Reform (GOP, 1891)
    This article (possibly by the same author) is an interesting follow-on to last month's feature on reform in underclothing, written 14 years earlier. Now, the great enemy of women's health is the dreaded corset!
  • Reform in Underclothing (GOP, 1888)
    This article has some fascinating information on the origins of some common articles of Victorian underclothing -- the pantalette having been designed to enable young girls to wear shorter skirts -- and then looks at some recommendations for change, including the "emancipation bodice" and "Dr. Jasper's sanitary combination garment."

  • Bees and Their Folklore (CFM, 1881)
    "Numerous superstitions have clustered around this highly useful insect, and in many a country place it is regarded almost with feelings of veneration."

  • Fifteen Rules for the Preservation of Health (Godey's, 1860)
    Fresh air, exercise, and proper hours are just three of the common-sense "rules" provided here.

    Folklore & History
  • A Highland Joke (CFM, 1884)
    The great Highland baby swap!
  • An Old Roman's Bill of Fare (CFM, 1895)
    Peacocks, nightingales, parrots' tongues (all the more valuable if the parrots could speak), ostriches, and fat little dormice were all featured on patrician tables... Nero was said to have had pheasant served on a layer of diamond dust. Fortunately for the digestion, apple dumplings were also popular...
  • Women Warriors (Lady's Realm, 1902)
    Famous fighters of many lands and eras, including Kenau Hessalaar of Holland, Jeanne D'Arc, Jeanne Hachette, and the Maid of Saragossa.

  • Angle Decoration (Demorest, 1880)
    Tips on decorating in a corner...
  • How I Engage My Servants (CFM, 1877)
    "Before any steps are taken to inquire into character, a definite understanding should be come to between the mistress and servant. On this careful and definite agreement, most of the future comfort of both depends."
  • The Table and Its Decoration (Demorest, 1884)
    This author goes on at length as to why her kitchen and table are better than those of an acquaintance, partly because "I do not disdain to put some of the common sense Providence has given me, in my kitchen."
  • True Economies in Household Management (2 Parts) (CFM, 1882)
    "Economy is the management, regulation, and government of a family or household; a frugal and judicious use of money, that management which spends money to advantage and incurs no waste... a judicious application of time, labour, and the instruments of labour." A two-part essay that won first prize in a magazine competition.
  • Useful Recipes for Toiletries (GOP, 1898)
    Recipes for face cream, mouth wash, smelling salts, hair restorer, scents and more.

    Life & Lifestyle
  • Amusing Juvenile Answers (CFM, 1889)
    Odd answers to test questions are nothing new; amongst this delightful collection is the information that "a fort is a place to put men in, and a fortress is a place to put women in."
  • How I Made Soap (Demorest, 1880)
    A delightful account... let's just say that it didn't work quite according to the directions.
  • A Letter from a Kitchen (GOP, 1881)
    This letter written to the editors of The Girl's Own Paper gives an interesting view of the lives of servants.
  • Little To-Bo (St. Nicholas Magazine, 1889)
    Charming tribute to a little girl (who, happily, doesn't end up dead at the end of it).
  • My Conjuring Tricks (CFM, 1892)
    A would-be magician finds that holding on to his money can be the greatest trick of all!
  • My Diving-Dress (The Strand, 1894)
    A seeker of novel experiences finds that diving might best be left to the experts!
  • My Herb Garden (GOP, 1898)
    How to plant one, and what to plant for kitchen and health use.
  • Peculiar Children I Have Met (The Strand, 1896)
    French author Max O'Rell (who is always a treat to read) talks of his days as a schoolmaster in England.
  • Practical Points of Law (GOP, 1901)
    A series of fillers on various points of English law in Victorian times, including issues of servants, wills, travel, children, dogs, licences, wedlock, education, and more.

  • Concerning Covent Garden (CFM, 1877)
    A look at "busy, crowded, jostling, dirty Covent Garden," London's primary market-place for fruit, vegetables and flowers.
  • London in July (Demorest, 1885)
    "In all the world there is only one London, and to go abroad without seeing it is to visit America without seeing Niagara or the Yosemite." And July is the height of the season in that great town...
  • Shopkeepers' Advertising Novelties (The Strand, 1895)
    London shopkeepers had many ways of getting the attention of passers-by, including plates seemingly suspended in mid-air, a "living picture" of a donkey (featuring a living donkey!), a mummified cat, a two-headed goose, and funhouse mirrors.

    Objects & Curiosities
  • Figure-Heads (The Strand, 1891)
    A lavishly illustrated piece on historic and artistic figure-heads.
  • Some Old School Books (CFM, 1887)
    Alphabets were presented a bit differently in earlier times, when "R stands for robber, who died by the rope"!

    Science & Technology
  • The Queen of Inventions: The Sewing Machine (Godey's, 1860)
    Save your health and eyesight - invest in this marvelous new invention that enables the needlewoman to perform her work in comfort.

    Working Life
  • Writing for the Press (Ingalls' Home Magazine, 1889)
    "Oh, let me advise you and beseech you not to write for the press unless you possess that most valuable and most beautiful of personal gifts--common sense."

    World Travel & Cultures
  • Queer Conveyances (The Strand, 1897)
    "It occurred to the present writer that a collection of photographs of many of the most picturesque conveyances of the world would prove interesting alike to the traveller and the 'stay-at-home'." And so, from the Pondicherry Push-Push to the camel-drawn state carriage of the Begum of Bhopal, we have a round-up of fascinating means of transport.

    Picture Features & Cartoons
  • Cartoon: Some Puggie Expressions (The Strand, 1892)
  • Club Types, by Max Beerbohm (The Strand, 1892)
    The celebrated artist's delightful caricatures of the types of fellows one might meet at specific London clubs.

    To Rose
    Little Efforts
  • Coming in September 2019 on, and

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