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Victorian Times Quarterly #20
April-June 2019
Back Issues/Upcoming Issues: Victorian Times

Victorian Times Quarterly
Victorian Times Quarterly #20 brings you the complete contents of Victorian Times for April, May and June 2019 in a beautiful print edition. [NOTE: Articles listed for forthcoming issues are subject to change.]

  • America as a Health Resort (CFM, 1882)
    "America has drawbacks in the shape of climate... but as a health resort for portions of the year it compares most favourably with any place it has ever been my good fortune to visit; and... I can look back to the time I spent in the United States as one of the pleasantest in my life."

  • Feathers in the Scale: A Plea for the Birds (CFM, 1880)
    A gardener examines the question of whether birds are destructive, as many farmers claimed, or helpful to have about -- and concludes that every gooseberry gobbled by the blackbird is more than matched by the snails and slugs he destroys.
  • Some Favourite Dogs (CFM, 1888)
    The author of the wonderful stories of the dachshund Mr. Smith reminisces about some of the dogs of her childhood.
  • The Training of Performing Animals (The Strand, 1894)
    "The notion that animals are taught to perform tricks by dint of cruelty, by blows and starvation, is among the most illogical fallacies of the day. 'Patience, patience, always patience' is [the trainer's] formula, his magic..."

  • An American Tea-Table (CFM, 1880)
    A guest traveling in America will come to understand in time that "supper" is the same meal as "tea" in New York--but the reader of this article may have a bit of difficulty sorting out what is meant by dinner, supper or tea!
  • The Art of Garnishing (CFM, 1884)
    "I must endeavour to show how to hide ugliness by means of garnishing, as well as improve what is already in itself pretty." Who knew how vitally important it is not to mix blue and green on the table?
  • The Bride's First Dinner Party (GOP, 1887)
    How to arrange it and what to serve.
  • Delectable Salads (CFM, 1894)
    Presentation is as important as flavor, as the interesting tips on creating a delicious and beautiful chicken salad demonstrate...
  • June Jottings (Ingalls' Home Magazine, 1888)
    'Tis the season for strawberries and raspberries, for which this article offers some delicious-sounding recipes.
  • Seasonable Fare (GOP, 1897)
    Soups, salads and sandwiches feature large in summer fare!
  • Strawberries (GOP, 1892)
    Strawberry jam, strawberry jelly, jellied strawberries, straweberry cream, strawberry shortcake, and a host of other recipes for this delicious spring fruit.

  • Embroidered Initials (GOP, 1893)
    How to create elegant embroidered monograms.
  • How to Make a Japanese Cabinet (GOP, 1897)
    With some bambook, boxes, black enamel, Japanese paper and a little gold dust, you can create a charming book or ornament shelf.
  • My Work Basket (GOP, 1880)
    Lovely craft and embroidery projects.
  • Ornamental Napery (Demorest, 1894)
    Beautiful embroidery designs for home linens.

  • Golden Rules of Etiquette (Collier's Cyclopedia, 1882)
    Some brief rules of etiquette for nearly every occasion, from boat rides to baptisms.
  • Little Ways (CFM, 1892)
    "It is the 'little ways' that are really so provoking, the pins of faults that prick so hard." Here are some examples of provoking little ways, and how to avoid them!
  • On Some Minor Points of Etiquette (CFM, 1876)
    A look at the etiquette issues faced by the new bride or "young matron."
  • Table Manners (Ingalls' Home Magazine, 1889)
    "Good manners at th table are of the greatest importance, for one can, at a glance, discern whether a person has been trained to eat well... to drink quietly, and not as a horse or cow drinks... There is no position where the innate refinement of a person is more fully exhibited than at the table."

    Fashion & Costume
  • Economy in Dress (Harper's, 1882)
    "The present paper will endeavor to explain by what simple means and with what little expense one of the needs of civilized life--the dressing of its women in comely fashion--may be attained."

    Folklore & History
  • The Forget-Me-Not (GOP, 1882)
    Interesting lore of this small but charming flower.
  • The Mystery of Precious Stones (CFM, 1896)
    "Precious stones have been associated--at almost all times and in almost all countries--with the powers, civil and religious" -- including a "mass of superstitions" that are summed up in this article.
  • Old Notions Concerning Bridesmaids (CFM, 1884)
    Some of the lore and ancient customs surrounding bridesmaids.
  • Place Nicknames (CFM, 1895)
    On the origins of such terms as Halvergate hares, Cantley cats and Beighton bears, amongst others.

    Holidays & Seasonal
  • A Word on Easter Eggs (Demorest, 1886)
    A bit of the history of Easter eggs in Greece and Russia.
  • May (Illustrated London Almanack, 1845)
    A roundup of May folklore, including the lore of the May-pole.

  • Kitchen Requisites (CFM, 1875)
    What were the essentials of the well-furnished Victorian kitchen? This article explains all, and even gives price estimates for the kitchen necessities of the day.
  • My Trials as a Housekeeper (CFM, 1895)
    Managing a friend's home, and "breaking in" a new staff of servants, turns out to be more difficult than the author imagined...

    Life & Lifestyle
  • April: The First Dinner Party (ILA, 1855)
    A humorous look at this seasonal social event.
  • Nothing for Nought (CFM, 1887)
    Ads promising lavish pay for easy work ("assemble crafts in your home!") are nothing new -- and such promises were as worthless in Victorian days as they are today. This article looks at some of the most common Victorian "work from home" scams.
  • The Poacher and His Craft (CFM, 1895)
    Poachers are nearly legendary figures in English history (after all, Robin Hood was first and foremost a poacher of the King's deer!) -- and here's a look at how the "business" was conducted.

  • Curious Corporation Customs (CFM, 1887)
    London's Corporations have a wealth of history, insignia and pageantry that survived well into Victorian times.

    Objects & Curiosities
  • Found in Uncle Sam's Mails (The Strand, 1898)
    A look at oddities found in the museum of the Dead Letter Office, which has received such items as live rattlesnakes, skulls and other body parts, explosives, an alligator with a parasol, and even old boots.
  • Some Old Visiting Cards (The Strand, 1897)
    The visiting card that became such a staple of Victorian social life was only 200 years old by 1897 - though similar cards had existed in China for 1000 years. This article looks at some of the cards of notable figures, and some curious designs.
  • Some Remarkable Wedding Cakes (The Strand, 1895)
    The illustrations "take the cake" in this article on royal wedding cakes, including the one for Princess Louise, which weighed about 2000 pounds!

    Recreation & Travel
  • Between Two Waters (CFM, 1893)
    A charming tale of travel, and seeking lodgings, in an Essex village.

    Science & Technology
  • How We Save Time and Labour (CFM, 1881)
    An interesting look at the results of 19th-century technological advances and how they have changed lives.

    World Travel & Cultures
  • A Day of My Life in India (CFM, 1880)
    "Never while in India neglect a morning outing of some sort. Either ride, drive, or walk every morning before the sun is up, for then is the only time you will able to breathe really fresh air--or, as the natives express it, 'eat the wind'."
  • Marriage Customs Around the World (ILA, 1846)
    A quick look at how marriages are conducted in various countries.

  • An Awkward Fix (The Strand, 1893)
    On the troubles that can arise when one cannot pay one's cab fare...

    Picture Features
  • A Little Music (CFM, 1894)

    True to Brother Spear
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