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Victorian Times Quarterly #19
January-March 2019
Back Issues/Upcoming Issues: Victorian Times

Victorian Times Quarterly
Victorian Times Quarterly #19 brings you the complete contents of Victorian Times for January, February and March 2019 in a beautiful print edition. [NOTE: Articles listed for forthcoming issues are subject to change.]

  • Stage Coaches (Harpers, 1876)
    A look at the stage coach, past and present, in England and America.

  • Animals as Bargain-Makers (CFM, 1894)
    Animals know a bargain (or lack of one) when they see one!
  • Domestic Warfare (Demorest, 1873)
    A battle against rats, only won by the acquisition of the rats' most ancient foe!
  • Monkey Society, by One of Its Ornaments (The Strand, 1892)
    A first-person account of monkey life in the London zoo.
  • The Prince of Wales' Horses (Cassell's Magazine, 1900)
    The Prince of Wales was a great fan and sponsor of horse-racing; here's a look at his stables, jockeys, and favorite racers.
  • Sweet Memories (St. Nicholas Magazine, 1889)
    You've heard of the bull in the china shop; this is the tale of an elephant in a sweet shop.

  • Cooking at Sea (2 Parts) (CFM, 1886)
    On the challenges of preparing meals for the passengers of an ocean liner, while dealing with the difficulties of rolling seas and a small galley.
  • Cream and Apricot Tea (GOP, 1901)
    The idea is not so much to serve cream and apricots as to design a tea party based upon foods of those colors.
  • Economical Savoury Souffles (CFM, 1896)
    Delicious souffles of oysters, veal and ham, cheese, and even "scrap potatoes."
  • Foreign Cakes and Sweets (GOP, 1902)
    A round-up of German recipes.
  • How to Make American Candies (GOP, 1898)
    Tips on making cream nuts, nougat, tricoloured candy, creams, and chocolate marbles.
  • Simple Souffles (CFM, 1895)
    A selection of delicious desserts, with a look at the Queen's kitchen in Windsor Castle.
  • Some Austrian Recipes (GOP, 1896)

  • Bulgarian Embroidery (GOP, 1893)
    Beautiful ethnic embroidery designs.
  • Embroideries New and Easy (GOP, 1898)
    Some charming Norwegian patterns for working on linen (they look like cross-stitch but involve very different stitches).
  • My Work Basket (GOP, 1880)
    Lovely craft and embroidery projects.
  • Point d'Hongroie (GOP, 1897)
    A beautiful embroidery technique that is still popular today.
  • Screen-Painting in Oil Colours (GOP, 1889)
    Beautiful Fred Miller art designs that would be effective in a wide variety of craft projects.
  • Terra-Cotta Painting (GOP, 1891)
    Tips and patterns for painting on terra-cotta pots and vases (or any other type of clay or ceramic pot).

  • Etiquette in Walking, Riding and Driving (GOP, 1884)
    "Until within less than half a century ago, no young unmarried gentlewoman could walk through the streets and parks, or go on a little shopping expedition, unattended by a footman." Small wonder that new rules of etiquette are needed for this sort of modern excursion!
  • A New Art of Conversation (CFM, 1876)
    A most extraordinary paradox is "the low standard of ordinary conversation, as contrasted with the intelligent and enlightened character of the age we live in," and what to do about it.
  • On the Art of "Putting Things Well (GOP, 1889)
    It's not just what you say, but how you say it...

    Fashion & Costume
  • Dress Reform for Men (CFM, 1883)
    On the need to reform men's clothing to befit good taste.

    Folklore & History
  • Cupid (Demorest, 1880)
    A look at the well-known sprite of Valentine's day in lore and verse.
  • Some Old Natural History Notions (Stories of History, 1891)
    From foxes that fish for crabs with their tails, to a carrion bird with a "nose" for gunpowder, a look at some odd ideas about nature throughout history.

    Life & Lifestyle
  • Children's Ways and Sayings (GOP, 1898)
    "Children are better appreciated now than they have ever been before... [In the past] they were admired in proportion to their power of leaving childish ways behind, and their own spontaneous growth was neglected."
  • The Life of a Private Soldier in Times of Peace (CFM, 1882)
    "The first thing to do is to show how a lad can most easily join the army, with least trouble to himself, and with the least danger of becoming mixed up with bad characters and making bad friends at the start of his military career."
  • Leisure (Ingalls' Home Magazine, 1889)
    What is "leisure?" Why is it important? This article is as relevant to today's busy, busy people as it was more than 100 years ago.
  • The Life of the Non-Commissioned Officer (CFM, 1882)
    A look at the opportunities for the person who wishes to make the Army a permanent, lifetime career.
  • Recent Escapes from Gaol (CFM, 1896)
    How prisoners have found ingenious hiding places, created disguises from cleaning rags, picking locks, and that old stand-by, scraping away the mortar with one's dining utensils.

  • The Mock Auction (Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper, 1860)
    A look at a common London scam.
  • A Morning at Stewart's (Godey's, 1868)
    A day at a well-known London department store.

  • Winter Worries for Our Girls (GOP, 1889)
    A page of word puzzles.

    Objects & Curiosities
  • Some Old Children's Books (The Strand, 1898)
    "These quaint publications, which date from the sixteenth century onwards, give one an excellent notion of the manners and customs and beliefs that prevailed among our ancestors; besides showing what kind of educational literature was provided for the instruction and amusement of the children of other days."

  • The Prince of Wales' Horses (Cassell's Magazine, 1900)
    The Prince of Wales was a great fan and sponsor of horse-racing; here's a look at his stables, jockeys, and favorite racers.

    Science & Technology
  • The Evolution of the Cycle (The Strand, 1892)
    "Let us... amuse ourselves by contemplating the various extinct species [of bicycle]--those developments which have somehow taken the wrong turning in the course of evolution, have then stopped, and, as rare fossils, are now only looked at as rarities and curiosities." Judging by the illustrations of these precursors of our bicycle, we should be grateful that they did, indeed, stop!
  • Some Curious Inventions (The Strand, 1891)
    A four-poster bed that can be converted into a shower bath; personal balloon chairs to avert sea-sickness; an electric hat designed to cure headaches; a cloak that doubles as a tent; and many other interesting ideas that never made it much farther than the patent office.

    Women's Issues
  • Girls' Ideals (Demorest, 1873)
    Dispelling some romantic notions young ladies might have about marriage.

    Working Life
  • A Slight Sketch of Miss Jumble's Career (Godey's, 1863)
    An authoress explains why it isn't always a good thing to have a reputation for "being literary."
  • Something About Type-Writing and Typists (GOP, 1895)
    "Even in these progressive days, when typewriters are to be found in every town in England, and we are overwhelmed with typewritten circulars and letters, there are a great many people who have but a very hazy idea of what type-writing is, and of the immense numbers of girls that it provides with steady employment."

    World Travel & Cultures
  • How a Lady Passes Her Day in India (CFM, 1876)
    Early rising is essential in order to accomplish one's tasks and errands before the impossible heat of the day sets in!

  • Too Much of a Good Thing (Peterson's, 1866)
    In this case "a good thing" is relatives, of which the narrator has too many for comfort.

    A Winter Song
    Songs of St. Valentine's Day
    The Postman: St. Valentines's Day
    Love's Dilemma
    The Absurdity of It
    The Trials of a Broom
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