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Victorian Times Quarterly #15
January-March 2018
Back Issues/Upcoming Issues: Victorian Times

Victorian Times Quarterly
Victorian Times Quarterly #15 brings you the complete contents of Victorian Times for January, February and March 2018 in a beautiful print edition. [NOTE: Articles listed for forthcoming issues are subject to change.]

  • Aunt Mehitabel's Winter in Washington (Parts 1-3) (Godey's, 1873)
    This wonderful eight-part series of "letters" written by "Aunt Mehitabel" to her loved ones back in Virginia provide a wonderful look at Washington (DC) life and society in 1873. The Washington monument has not yet been built, and in one letter "Aunt Mehitabel" urges women across the country to send $1 toward its completion. The series looks at the notable figures of the day, describes fashions and homes in detail, and paints a brilliant picture of life on Capitol Hill.
  • Life in Old Virginia (CFM, 1884)
    An Englishwoman finds Virginia pleasant, except for the very non-English weather!

  • All About Cats (The Strand, 1891)
    In 1891, it was considered "extraordinary" that a person might "love cats"!
  • Animals as Beggars (CFM, 1895)
    Stories of animals who beg for themselves -- and on behalf of others!
  • Animal Humour (CFM, 1893)
    On the sense of humour shared by many species -- and how some animals have indulged it.
  • A Kitten (Atlantic Monthly, 1893)
    Anyone who has ever watched a kitten grow up will identify with this charming description of Claudius Nero.
  • Parrot Stories (The Strand, 1892)
    Tales of some of the curious things repeated by parrots, with wonderful illustrations by J.A. Shepherd.

  • Dainty Orange Dishes (CFM, 1895)
    Orange Cake, Orange Pudding, Orange Sauce, Orange Butter, Orange Trifle and Tangerine Creams.
  • Pickles and How to Make Them (GOP, 1897)
    A short, interesting set of recipes for classic English pickles, including pickled walnuts.
  • Some Eastern Savouries (GOP, 1897)
  • What to Cook and How to Cook It (GOP, 1897)
    Recipes for the month.

  • Crochet Jacket for a Greyhound (Godey's, 1873)
    Too cute to pass up -- and proof that decorating dogs in silly-looking outfits has a long history...
  • Daisy Work (GOP, 1894)
    A simple and attractive embroidery stitch that is useful for filling large areas.
  • Filigree and How to Make It (GOP, 1897)
    Tips on creating lovely flowers and leaves in filigree wire.

  • Answering Letters (GOP, 1885)
    "Of all the minor social civilities, not one, perhaps, is so much neglected as the simple courtesy of answering letters..." Today, we would say the same of e-mails!
  • Practical Etiquette: On Making Introductions (Demorest, 1888)
    "Since the rise and alarming spread of Anglomania in [America], there has been a strong effort made... to introduce English manners here, and especially those English customs which favor exclusiveness... Those of the old school... argue... that we do not need to slavishly imitate the customs of another nation whose conditions differ so essentially from ours."

    Fashion & Costume
  • On Dress at the Theatre (Demorest, 1873)
    One should not, this author reminds us, attempt to rival the costumes on stage with our own -- as illustrated by the lady with a bird-of-paradise upon her head...

    Folklore & History
  • Curious Facts About Bells (Demorest, 1873)
  • The Evolution of Cricket (The Strand, 1895)
    Though its origins are lost to history, it's believed that the game may have evolved from "cat and dog," or the "cricket-a-wicket" mentioned in an Italian dictionary in 1595.

    Holidays & Seasonal
  • January (Demorest, 1870)
    A short look at the month of January in the country, with tips on keeping the snow-birds fed.
  • February: St. Valentine's Day (Illustrated London Almanack, 1855)
    A rather humorous look at the celebrations of this ancient holiday, including the attentions paid to members of the clergy by eligible ladies.
  • Holly and Mistletoe (Demorest, 1870)
    Did this miss the Christmas issue? No - it's actually about holly and mistletoe traditions associated with Valentine's Day!

  • Home Management, Month by Month (GOP, 1901)
    Household management tips for the month.
  • How to Lay the Breakfast and Luncheon Tables/How to Lay the Dinner Table (GOP, 1886)
    If tables are bright and cheerful, this author believes, then so will be the diners!

    Life & Lifestyle
  • Actors' Make-Up (The Strand, 1894)
    Charming illustrated piece on the many faces of the Victorian thespian.
  • Parlor Games (Collier's Cyclopedia, 1882)
    A guide to all those odd games that you find mentioned in Victorian tales, which assume (naturally) that the reader knows what they are and how they're played. Here are the rules for games such as Consequences, Adjectives, Crambo, What Is My Thought Like?, Mesmerism and more.

  • Notes by an Artist Naturalist (Monthly) (GOP, 1892-94)
    Beautifully illustrated series by artist Fred Miller on the flora, fauna and lore of the season.

    Objects & Curiosities
  • Thieves vs. Locks and Safes (The Strand, 1894)
    A fascinating look at the evolution of locking mechanisms to deter thieves - and the evolution of lock-picking devices to defeat them.
  • Things Made by Children (The Strand, 1897)
    "The writer of this article has made it his business to search the whole country through for interesting specimens of ingenious work done entirely by children." And he certainly found a number of them, from dollhouses to a prayer cut out of wood with a fret-saw!

    World Travel & Cultures
  • The Chiffoniers of Paris at Home (CFM, 1881)
    The hard life of Paris's rag-pickers and dustmen.
  • New Year in Japan (Demorest, 1870)
    New Year's Day in Japan is actually the 6th of February. On that day you'll find door mats whitened with rice powder to look like snow, and pine or bamboo trees bound with rice-straw garlands and decked with oranges and gilded paper.

    Picture Features & Cartoons
  • Drinking Vessels of All Times (The Strand, 1893)

    A Happy New Year
    The New Year
    "Next Door!"
    Something Like a Title
    The Presidents
    The First Cuckoo
    The Boastful Butterfly
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