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Victorian Times Quarterly #14
October-December 2017
Back Issues/Upcoming Issues: Victorian Times

Victorian Times Quarterly
Victorian Times Quarterly #14 brings you the complete contents of Victorian Times for October, November and December 2017 in a beautiful print edition. [NOTE: Articles listed for forthcoming issues are subject to change.]

  • The Crow (Demorest, 1879)
    A look at this much maligned bird in life and in fable.
  • Fuzzles: The Story of a Puppy (CFM, 1894)
    "You really haven't the audacity to call that a dog! It's more like Berlin wool-work than anything else!"

  • Afternoon Tea (CFM, 1889)
    German honey cakes and chestnut pyramids are just two of the delectable recipes provided for an afternoon's entertaining.
  • Cakes for the Family (CFM, 1885)
  • Divers Ways of Cooking Apples (GOP, 1888)
    Recipes for Apple Trifle, Pippin Tarts, Apple Marmalade, Pommes Glacees, Apple Pudding and more.
  • Some Continental Recipes for Cooking Vegetables (GOP, 1902)
    German recipes for cabbage, turnips, asparagus and more.
  • Some Neglected Articles of Food (CFM, 1877)
    A look at some American foods, such as "mush," Indian meal pudding, ginger-cake, hoe-cake, and various recipes for the pumpkin.
  • Things in Season, in Market and Kitchen (GOP, 1899)
    Suggested menu for the month, based on what is to be found in the market, and what is appropriate for the weather.
  • Some Vegetable Cooking (CFM, 1889)

  • Makart Bouquets (Demorest, 1887)
    Beautiful assemblages of feathers, dried grasses and "everlasting" flowers.
  • My Workbasket (GOP, 1881)
    Beautiful patterns for embroidery and other crafts.
  • Old Tins and Their Uses (GOP, 1890)
    From flower-pots to bottle tidies, it's amazing what one can do with old tin cans!
  • Repousse Brass Work (GOP, 1885)
    Suggestions on making beautiful hammered decorative pieces from brass and other metals, with a selection of gorgeous patterns.
  • Some Embroidery Stitches (GOP, 1891)
    A nice guide to Victorian needlework.
  • What to Do With Our Autumn Gatherings (Ingalls' Home Magazine, 1889)
    A number of creative uses for autumn leaves, grasses and other gatherings.

  • Preventable Worries (GOP, 1897)
    How good handwriting can save many miseries.

    Folklore & History
  • Monsters (Harpers, 1882)
    After a somewhat wandering beginning, this article looks at such items as a Japanese siren, the medieval mandrake, the Scythian lamb, and a number of other "monsters" whose nature does not withstand too much scrutiny...
  • Superstitions Regarding Children (CFM, 1889)
    A look at charms and practices around the world meant to keep children safe and healthy.
  • Some Curious Payments for Land (CFM, 1884)
    In Britain, the Crown giveth and the Crown taketh away, so "land ownership" is a rather flexible term. Many land-holders retained their titles through certain gifts to the Crown, such as an iron arrow, gloves, gloves plus a pound of cummin seed and a steel needle, dogs, birds, roses and even gilly-flowers!

    Holidays - Christmas
  • How Christmas Cards Are Made (CFM, 1879)
    One gains a new appreciation of the beauty of a Victorian greeting card when one realizes that every color depicted thereon was hand-carved into a piece of stone!
  • Christmas and Its Customs (Peterson's Magazine, 1858)
    Ancient Yule-tide customs of the British Isles.
  • How I Spent Christmas in the Fatherland (CFM, 1888)
    A look at Victorian-era Christmas customs in Germany.
  • In a Guard's Van: A Christmas Sketch (CFM, 1890)
    Think of the efforts of our post office today to keep up with Christmas parcels; that was the duty of the railway guard in his van in Victorian days!
  • Christmas in the Far West (CFM, 1878)
    What Christmas was like on the bleak, empty, freezing Kansas prairie (illustrated with a picture of a log cabin surrounded by heavy woods!).
  • December Customs (Illustrated London Almanack, 1845)
    A brief bit of Christmas lore with several ancient rhymes.
  • Receipts for the Holiday Season (Godey's, 1873)
    Christmas cakes and cookies, plus instructions on creating a beautiful napkin and floral centerpiece.
  • A New Christmas Carol (Demorest, 1879)
    A short play to perform at a holiday party.

  • Household Routine (GOP, 1895)
    A brief schedule for the day, plus a list of tasks for the days of the week (e.g., Monday night: "Rub up all the brass things and candle sticks").
  • Table Decorations (CFM, 1875)
    How to lay the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner - with diagrams!

    Life & Lifestyle
  • Afternoon Parties (Demorest, 1879)
    "One of the most sensible of the new departures in social life which have taken place of late years consists of the afternoon receptions which are so fashionable a substitute for the great evening parties which formerly extended beyond midnight."
  • Boy Soldiers and Sailors (The Strand, 1892)
    A look at the lads of the Royal Military Asylum, an institution founded for the orphaned children of soldiers.
  • Our Belongings: The Fathers (CFM, 1895)
    "The attitude the lord and master chooses to take, the line it pleases him to walk in, his likes and dislikes, his wishes, whims, fads and fancies, and his will, dominate the homes of nine-tenths of English people."
  • Our Belongings: The Mothers (CFM, 1895)
    "An admirable race we hold them--much-enduring, tactful, loving, unselfish, with busy lives, and often aching hearts, but happy because sure of the niche in life that belongs to them."

  • The Ark of the Jamrachs (CFM, 1895)
    "It used to be said of 'Old Jamrach' that if an animal, no matter how rare, existed on this globe, he could get a specimen... Associated with the name of Jamrach are rare stories as well as rare animals."
  • The London General Post Office (Godey's, 1868)
    A look at odd items and queer addresses received in the London mails.
  • London Sixty Years Ago (CFM, 1893)
    A look at life in London of the 1830's, based on sketches by a German visitor.

    Nature & Garden
  • The Month/Out-of-Doors (CFM, 1875)
    A monthly series on the seasons in the English countryside - the birds, beasts, and flowers to be seen, along with tips on what to do in the garden, and natural history notes.

    Recreation & Travel
  • Skating for Ladies (Godey's, 1863)
    Why ladies ought to skate, and how they can go about it.

    Picture Features & Cartoons
  • Sailors of a Century (The Strand, 1893)

  • Dobsonian Christmas Gifts (Godey's, 1867)
    It's not quite "Gifts of the Magi," but it's a rather similar idea (and rather earlier than that Christmas classic!).

    The Doorless Wolf
    A Thanksgiving Hymn
    Merry Christmas (a poetry collection)
    A Christmas Welcome (music)
    Last Christmas Was a Year Ago, by James Whitcomb Riley
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