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Victorian Times Quarterly #13
July-September 2017
Back Issues/Upcoming Issues: Victorian Times

Victorian Times Quarterly
Victorian Times Quarterly #13 brings you the complete contents of Victorian Times for July, August and September 2017 in a beautiful print edition. [NOTE: Articles listed for forthcoming issues are subject to change.]

  • Paddle Your Own Canoe (Demorest, 1888)
    Canoeing on the Hudson River, a favorite summer pastime for New York ladies!

  • A London Cemetery for Dogs (The Strand, 1893)
    The final resting place for some Victorian "best friends."
  • Puss in the Witness Box (St. Nicholas Magazine, 1889)
    When a question arises as to the ownership of a dog, a cat has the final word!
  • Tame Snakes: A True Story (CFM, 1884)
    On the wisdom, or lack thereof, of keeping a boa and a python as pets.

  • Chafing Dish Cooking and The Chafing Dish in Daily Use (GOP 1896, 1897)
    The first article in this series provides an interesting history of the chafing dish and describes its basic construction and use, along with recipes for Welsh Rarebit and several oyster dishes. The second brings us some American recipes, such as chestnuts and oysters and bouillabaise.
  • Some Continental Recipes for Eggs (GOP, 1902)
    Some delicious French and German egg concoctions.
  • Fruit Salads (GOP, 1892)
    Some tasty offerings perfect for hot summer months.
  • Leaves from an Old Recipe Book (GOP, 1896)
  • Preserving and Conserving (GOP, 1898)
    How to can and preserve fruits, vegetables and herbs.
  • Tasty Dishes (GOP, 1897)
    Savouries, Apple Syllabub, Cottage Pudding and Roast Duck are just a few of the tasty offerings in this article.
  • Things in Season, in Market and Kitchen (GOP, 1899)
    Suggested menu for the month, based on what is to be found in the market, and what is appropriate for the weather.

  • Art in the House (GOP, 1899)
    Beautiful household stencil designs from Fred Miller.
  • Fancy-Box Making (GOP, 1896)
    Simple instructions for creating lovely hand-made gift and keepsake boxes.
  • A Few Hints on Repousse Work (GOP, 1900)
    An interesting how-to article on embossing pewter plates!
  • Gold Embroidery (GOP, 1893)
    Some of the beautiful creations that can be wrought with gold thread.
  • Old Tins and Their Uses (GOP, 1890)
    From flower-pots to bottle tidies, it's amazing what one can do with old tin cans!
  • Some Embroidery Stitches (GOP, 1891)
    Basic stitches for beautiful creations.

    Folklore & History
  • Superstitions Regarding Children (CFM, 1889)
    A look at charms and practices around the world meant to keep children safe and healthy.

  • Our Friends the Servants (GOP, 1893)
    A six-part series on understanding and managing the all-essential staff of the Victorian home.

    Life & Lifestyle
  • Our Belongings: The Little Ones (CFM, 1892)
    First in a series about the lives and roles of various family members.
  • Our Belongings: The Boys (CFM, 1892)
    "What queer creatures they are, with their extraordinary reticences, their remarkable frankness, their strange ideas of fun, their code of honour, the peculiarities of their tempers, and the varieties of their dispositions."
  • Our Belongings: The Girls (CFM, 1892)
    On the many types of girls: The heedless girl, the beauty, the girl-genius (bound for Girton!), the girl with a sense of humour, the domestic girl, the placid girl, the girl with imagination, and more...

  • A London Cemetery for Dogs (The Strand, 1893)
    The final resting place for some Victorian "best friends."

  • Odds and Ends (Monthly) (GOP, 1897-98)
    A fascinating round-up of news, notes and trivia from around the Victorian world.

    Nature & Garden
  • The Month/Out-of-Doors (CFM, 1875)
    A monthly series on the seasons in the English countryside - the birds, beasts, and flowers to be seen, along with tips on what to do in the garden, and natural history notes.

    Objects & Curiosities
  • Peculiar Playing Cards (2 parts) (The Strand, 1893)
    "Upon these bits of painted cardboard there has been expended a greater amount of ingenuity and of artistic effort than is to be found in any other form of popular amusement."
  • Precious Stones: Their Homes, Histories and Influence (GOP, 1894)
    An eight-part series on the lore and history of precious stones.

    Recreation & Travel
  • The Pic-Nic (Illustrated London Almanack, 1853)
    Tips on making the most of this "glorious July" tradition.
  • On the Thames (Demorest, 1884)
    A journey along the Thames by canoe.

    Science & Technology
  • Carriages Without Horses (CFM, 1896)
    Imagine... vehicles upon the roadways without horses... Horseless carriages... Will they ever catch on?
  • Inventions Overdue (CFM, 1894)
    Much has been invented, this author notes, but there is still room for more - he eagerly awaits such inventions as instantaneous transportation, the harvesting of volcanic energy for home heating, noiseless pavements, and... colour photography! (Well, at least he wouldn't have been completely disappointed!)

    Women's Issues
  • Going into Society (Talks with Women) (Demorest, 1873)
    Society at its best, says this author, should be an opportunity for a girl to gain education and maturity; at its worst, it can render a girl's future valueless to herself and injurious to others.

    Working Life
  • The Compleat Novelist (The Strand, 1897)
    Tips on writing success that are as valid today as they were over 100 years ago.
  • New Paid Occupations for Women (CFM, 1894)
    "Perhaps if these very women who continually assure us that they are eminently qualified to do nothing would set to work to get better acquainted with themselves, they would discover that, after all, there are numberless quiet genteel occupations in which they could engage that would be neither very difficult nor distasteful to them."
  • New Ways of Making Money (CFM, 1894)
    "Women have far greater means of earning a livelihood than formerly; but they get money not so much in fresh channels as at the expense of men."

    Picture Features & Cartoons
  • The Horse and Its Occupations (The Strand, 1893)
  • Lamps of All Kinds and Times (The Strand, 1894)

  • Annexed by the Tsar (Atlantic Monthly, 1888)
    In this case "the Tsar" is "a huge dog... a dog to look twice at..." with a mind of his own about how things ought to be.
  • That Tea-Pot (Peterson's Magazine, 1883)
    It was in great demand...

    Railway Depot Scene
    A Sweet Girl Graduate
    Song of the Brook
  • Coming in September 2017 on, and

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