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Victorian Times Quarterly #8
April-June 2016
Back Issues/Upcoming Issues: Victorian Times

Victorian Times Quarterly
Victorian Times Quarterly #8 brings you the complete contents of Victorian Times for April, May and June 2016 in a beautiful print edition.

  • The Cotillion (Demorest, 1873)
    We've all heard of the cotillion, but this article, which describes some of the traditional games and dances therein, is an eye-opener! (Foolscaps and Crown, anyone?)

  • A Little Enemy (CFM, 1878)
    From the adorable Harrison Weir drawings that accompany this piece, it's clear that the author has rather mixed feelings about his "enemy," the rat...
  • A Little Friend (CFM, 1878)
    More adorable drawings and mixed feelings about the mouse (the author, like myself, finds them awfully cute...).
  • Mr. Smith in His New Home (CFM, 1886)
    Fourth in a series of tales of the adventures of Mr. Smith, a charming fellow generously described as a "dachshund." Mr. Smith supervises a move to Essex...

  • Afternoon Tea: A Chat Over the Teacups (GOP, 1899)
    "Within the last twenty years the simple but most popular meal known by the name of 'afternoon tea' has become a prominent feature in domestic and social life." Though it has also been condemned by some... "We are told that women drink far more tea than is good for them and are growing more nervous in consequence..."
  • The Art of Cooking Rice (CFM, 1882)
    Sweet and savoury rice dishes to delight the palate.
  • Model Menus for April, May and June (GOP, 1893)
    What to offer for each month's dinner party.
  • Savoury Dishes: How to Improve Them (CFM, 1884)
    Some interesting recipes for cold savouries - which would work well today as luncheons, tea treats or appetizers.
  • Savouries (GOP, 1890)
    Some delicious recipes for tea-time treats and appetizers.

  • Art Needlework (GOP, 1888)
    Beautiful embroidery patterns that work just as well today as they did more than 100 years ago.
  • Wrinkles from the Laundry (GOP, 1896)
    Some unusual craft ideas inspired by... the laundry room!

  • The Social Duty of Women: The Afternoon Call (CFM, 1894)
    Social life in the days before Facebook...
  • The Social Duty of Women: The Musical "At Home" (CFM, 1894)
    How to make a musical evening an enjoyable one for your guests.

    Fashion & Costume
  • The Aprons of Today (GOP, 1892)
    The aprons of 1892 borrow lavishly from the fashions of earlier times!

    Folklore & History
  • Monthly Lore (April, May and June) (ILA, 1846)
    Country lore, customs and feast days.
  • Superstitions Regarding Trees (Young People's Scrapbook, 1884)
    A brief look at superstitions regarding trees associated with the Cross - including the "quiggenepsy" (quaking aspen).
  • What's in a Name? Local Names for Familiar Flowers (GOP, 1888)
    From "the devil's currycomb" to "cows and calves," a look at some of the curious names for common flowers across Britain.

    Holidays & Seasonal
  • Welsh Queens of the May (The Strand, 1898)
    Every year in Llandudno, a "sweeter, daintier little maiden, clad in royal robes, is for one brief day fêted, cheered, and worshipped by enthusiastic thousands."

  • Table Appointments; June Fruits and Vegetables (Ingalls' Home Magazine, 1889)
    A look at new fashions in table services (colored glass is giving way to cut glass!), along with fruit and vegetable recipes recipes for June.

    Life & Lifestyle
  • Children's Pleasures (CFM, 1876)
    How to keep the young ones entertained (along with tips on what to avoid).
  • Crimes and Criminals: Forgers and Begging-Letter Writers (The Strand, 1894)
    A look at some relics in the Scotland Yard "museum" relating to forgeries and frauds.
  • Out-Door Games From Over the Sea, Parts 4-6 (GOP, 1892)
    A look at children's outdoor games from around the world, including some marvelous folklore about counting rhymes and other verses! (Warning: Victorian children's rhymes, especially from America, were not always politically correct!)

  • "Bobby" on His Beat (Windsor Magazine, 1897)
    A night in the life of the London "bobby" - and the hazards of trying to research an article on same!
  • Pavement Artists (CFM, 1884)
    A look at London chalk art and artists.
  • The Pigeons of London (The Strand, 1894)
    Where to find them, and chats with London pigeon-feeders.

  • Odds and Ends (GOP, 1896)
    A fascinating round-up of news, notes and trivia from around the Victorian world.

    Recreation & Travel
  • Camp Life (Ingalls' Family Magazine, 1889)
    Everything you need to know -- and pack -- for a camping excursion in Victorian days!

    World Travel & Cultures
  • An Artist's Voyage Around the Horn (CFM, 1886)
    A rough and freezing journey...
  • A "Sugaring Off" Party in Canada (CFM, 1889)
    A British couple experiences a maple sugaring party in Canada.

  • Fiction: Dobson's Plots (CFM, 1889)
    Travails of an author literally in search of a plot...
  • Madame's Little Plot (CFM, 1878)
    Is Madame the French governess quite what she seems?

    Mr. Smith
    The Swallows
    Monthly "Garland"
    The Iris
    My Grandmother's Turkey-Tail Fan
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