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Victorian Times Quarterly #6
October-December 2015
Back Issues/Upcoming Issues: Victorian Times

Victorian Times Quarterly
Victorian Times Quarterly #6 brings you the complete contents of Victorian Times for October, November and December 2015 in a beautiful print edition.

  • Chronicles of an Anglo-Californian Ranch, Parts 11-13 (GOP, 1899)
    Another British family sallies forth into the New World to seek its fortune, this time in southern California, not far from the "busy and enterprising town of Los Angeles." Hard work, they find!
  • A Tenderfoot in Texas (Windsor Magazine, 1897)
    A British artist's delightful account (and illustrations) of his visit to a Texas ranch.

  • He Wrote to the Rats (St. Nicholas, 1889)
    How does one get rid of the rats overrunning the cellar? Write them a letter -- but do it correctly!
  • Merops the Rook/Merops Married (GOP, 1901)
    The tale of Merops, a partially tame, solitary rook -- solitary until, at last, he finds his feathered soul-mate!
  • Our Birds (2 Parts) (GOP, 1892
    Observations on winter bird-life in Britain, with tips on how to provide food for hungry flocks.

  • High Tea (CFM, 1878)
    Tips on hosting this quintessential Victorian meal.
  • Home-Made Sweetmeats (GOP, 1890)
    How to make toffee, marzipan, barley sugar and fig rock.
  • A Nice Little Dinner (CFM, 1881)
    Tips on recreating the Lord Mayor of London's annual November feast (the main course includes Turkey, "roasted English fashion", partridges, pheasants, golden plover, and goslings or "green geese").
  • Prize Bills of Fare (Demorest, 1887)
    Some delicious recipes that, in 1887, would feed a family for a week for less than $10!

  • Imitation Stained Glass (GOP, 1897)
    The beautiful Fred Miller designs in this article could be applied to many craft projects besides glass!
  • On Various Book-Markers (GOP, 1894)
    A bit of the history of bookmarks, and some charming examples to make yourself (lovely Christmas gifts!).

  • The Guest and Guest-Chamber, and Etiquette Between Guests (GOP, 1895)
    In Victorian days, houseguests often expected to stay awhile; here are some tips on making the visit comfortable for everyone.

    Fashion & Costume
  • Some Curious Fancy Dresses (The Strand, 1895)
    This elaborate outfits designed for the famous British costume ball might be just the thing for your Victorian Halloween party!
  • Some Hints on Economy in Dress (CFM, 1885)
    How to make the best appearance at the least cost!

    Folklore & History
  • The Brunswick Ghost (CFM, 1887)
    Was an 18th-century German schoolmaster walking the halls of the Carolinium College of Brunswick?
  • English Surnames (GOP, 1890)
    Where some well-known British names come from...
  • Dinner Tables of the Past (CFM, 1876)
    How dinner tables were furbished "in olden times."

    Holidays & Seasonal
  • Country Customs: Nutting in the Woods (ILA, 1849)
    This article informs us that wood-nuts gathered before October are "worthless" -- this is the month to seek hazelnuts, and enjoy the changes that autumn brings to the woods.
  • A Nutting Party and Halloween Frolic (Demorest, 1887)
    The focus of a good old Victorian Halloween party was fortune-telling - with chestnuts, hot lead, and more!
  • Country Customs: Guy Fawkes Day (ILA, 1849)
    It appears that by 1849, the custom of this day has begun to shift from burning the Guy to setting off fireworks - which would have been thought "treasonous" by all good men a few years earlier!

    Holidays - Christmas
  • Letters to Santa Claus (The Strand, 1897)
    More than 100 years ago, children were in the habit of writing to St. Nick to express their wishes for the holidays - even though they weren't always quite certain where he lived!
  • Christmas in History (GOP, 1896)
    Some glimpses of Christmas throughout British history.
  • Private Christmas Cards (GOP, 1896)
    When Christmas cards became popular, so did the custom of designing one's own personal greetings to friends and loved ones rather than buying cards at the shop.
  • The Worries of a "New Chum" (CFM, 1890)
    Christmas on the other side of the world -- in Australia, where one is more concerned with mosquitoes than snow!
  • Music: When Icicles Hang (CFM, 1894)
  • Some Curious Christmas Pies and Other Pasties (GOP, 1897)
    A history of Christmas pies, including one that "contained as much rump steak as would half supply the Navy"!
  • Country Customs: Christmas Waits (ILA, 1849)
    Today we would call them carolers - the village "waits" who would sing door to door on Christmas Eve.
  • The Table (Ingalls' Home Magazine, 1889)
    Tips on decorating the table, and some delicious Christmas recipes.
  • Delicacies for the Winter Tea-Table (CFM, 1890)
    Such treats as Apple Mould, German New Year Cake, Orange Gingerbread, Christmas Cake and Chocolate Tea-Cakes.
  • Saint Nicholas's Eve in Belgium (Demorest, 1879)
    In Belgium, the visit of St. Nicholas on December 6 is far more significant than Christmas Day!
  • Christmas Recipes (Demorest, 1879)
    A "plain family dinner" includes roast turkey with oyster dressing, cranberry sauce, celery, mashed potatoes, stewed tomatoes and boiled onions, chicken fricassee, salad, plum pudding with sauce, followed by nuts, apples, oranges and coffee. A fancier dinner might add pumpkin pie and apple meringue to the dessert menu!
  • Christmas Games for Everybody (CFM, 1878)
    Entertain your guests with such Christmas classics as Snapdragon, Proverbs, Schoolmaster, Trades and more.
  • Winter Entertainments; Christmas Toys; Christmas Recipes (Demorest, 1880)

  • Modern Dinner Tables (CFM, 1886)
    Interesting tips on how to decorate one's dinner-table, using mirrors, flowers, plus, tinted cards and more.

    Life & Lifestyle
  • The First Fire of the Season (ILA, 1847)
    Travelers who have visited England know that no matter how cold it is, nothing is likely to persuade your hosts from "turning on the heat" before October. Apparently this custom goes way back...
  • My School Days, by E. Nesbit (Parts 10-12) (GOP, 1897)
    Get up close and personal with famous children's author E. Nesbit as she recalls her own childhood in this charming 12-part serial!
  • Some Objectionable Wedding Customs (GOP, 1895)
    "An Old Lady" objects to such newfangled bridal customs as throwing rice, throwing the slipper, and boy-pages.
  • Will It Rain Tomorrow? (CFM, 1886)
    A mist at evening means no; smoke descending to the ground means (probably) yes.

  • Odds and Ends (Monthly) (GOP, 1895-96)
    A fascinating round-up of news, notes and trivia from around the Victorian world.

    Recreation & Travel
  • How to Make an Ice Sledge (GOP, 1896)
    Start with a wicker lawn chair!

    World Travel & Cultures
  • The Englishman at Home in Paris (CFM, 1882)
    Amongst other tips, the author advises on the importance of getting along well with one's concierge -- who just might be a police or political spy!
  • An Ostrich Feather (Demorest, 1879)
    A look at ostrich farming.

  • The Ghosts of Nether Talkington (Windsor Magazine, 1897)
    On Halloween, who can resist a good ghost story? This one's a charmer!

    Miss Lucinda's Thanksgiving
    Christmas (a 17th century poem)
    The Coming of the Snow
    A Christmas Alphabet
    A Vision of Santa Claus
    Last Christmas Was a Year Ago (James Whitcomb Riley)
    The Christmas Spy
    Monthly "Garland"

    Plus... 2015 Article Index
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