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Victorian Times Quarterly #5
July-September 2015
Back Issues/Upcoming Issues: Victorian Times

Victorian Times Quarterly
Victorian Times Quarterly #5 brings you the complete contents of Victorian Times for July, August and September 2015 in a beautiful print edition.

  • American Breakfasts (CFM, 1880)
    From beefsteak to stewed clams, American breakfasts astonished international visitors... and here are some recipes!
  • Business Girls in America (CFM, 1882)
    A look at living and working conditions for American working girls.
  • Chronicles of an Anglo-Californian Ranch, Parts 8-10 (GOP, 1899)
    Another British family sallies forth into the New World to seek its fortune, this time in southern California, not far from the "busy and enterprising town of Los Angeles." Hard work, they find!
  • How New York Spends the Summer (Demorest, 1873)
    Apparently it spends it somewhere else, according to this article, which even offers the cost of a large boating excursion up the Hudson River.
  • Notes on Jonathan's Daughters (The Strand, 1891)
    Noted French writer Max O'Rell's observations on American ladies
  • The Season (Demorest, 1873)
    How to maintain your position in New York society with the proper social gatherings in the summer months...
  • Something Like a Railway Journey (CFM, 1875)
    A British writer takes a 3287-mile railway journey across America.

  • Animal Playfulness (CFM, 1893)
    On the playful antics of foxes, birds, pigs, dogs, and even a coati mundi!
  • Dog Smugglers (The Strand, 1896)
    On the use of dogs and other contrivances to smuggle tobacco from British-owned Gibraltar into Spain.
  • The Sorrows of a Son and Heir (GOP, 1898)
    Eliza Brightwen's account of the rivalry between a pair of robins.

  • American Breakfasts (CFM, 1880)
    From beefsteak to stewed clams, American breakfasts astonished international visitors... and here are some recipes!
  • Blackberries, and How to Use Them (GOP, 1891)
    Recipes for jams and jellies, plus a delightful quote on how to tell whether blackberries on the vine are actually ripe (not just black)!
  • Dips into an Old Cookery Book (3 parts) (GOP, 1886)
    A look at some 18th-century recipes, including "How to Roast a Picke" and "How to Bake Charrs," and "A Frigocy of Chickins."
  • Home Made Pickles (GOP, 1883)
    Recipes for pickling cabbage, walnuts, onions, sour plums, cucumbers and more!
  • How to Obtain Good Coffee (GOP, 1887)
    Tips on brewing the best coffee (including the judicious use of raw egg...)
  • The Lemon and Its Varied Uses (GOP, 1901)
    Not just for lemonade - lemons can be used in table decorations, as a daily tonic, and even as a cure for rheumatism! (But this article also has some delicious recipes, including lemon sherbert and lemon cheesecake.)
  • Marmalades (GOP, 1895)
    Tips on creating this beloved treat.
  • Seasonable Recipes (GOP, 1896)
    It's the season for tomatoes, with several interesting recipes for same, along with raspberry cream tart, bread-and-butter pudding, and green gooseberry jam.
  • Some Useful Recipes (GOP, 1897)
    Lots of delicious puddings in this batch!
  • Recipes for July (GOP, 1897)
    Recipes for warm weather, including fish and salads, plus some yummy desserts and fruit dishes.

  • Applique in Embroidery (GOP, 1900)
    Beautiful applique patterns based on nature.
  • Designing for Embroidery (GOP, 1881)
    Beautiful embroidery patterns based on plants and flowers.
  • Embroidery Needlework (GOP, 1887)
    More beautiful embroidery patterns from a master designer.
  • How to Make Paper Baskets for Carrying Flowers (GOP, 1900)
    A creative use for a newspaper!

  • Don't (GOP, 1884)
    Some American advice on do's and don'ts for ladies...
  • How to Address People of Title (GOP, 1883)
    How to know your ladies from your honourables, and your right honourables from your most honourables...
  • The Right Thing at the Right Moment (CFM, 1885)
    Tips on having the best of manners at all times.

    Fashion & Costume
  • Hairdressing Extraordinaire (GOP, 1880)
    A look at some of the more unusual hairstyles of the 19th century.

    Folklore & History
  • The Folklore of Colours (CFM, 1884)
    Why white hares are unlucky, green must never be seen at a Scottish wedding, and a blue thread could be dangerous... or not...
  • Curiosities of Land and Other Tenures (The Leisure Hour, 1860)
    You've heard of property going for a song, but how about for a glove, or a peppercorn, or a peacock?
  • One Day in the Life of a 15th-Century Maiden (GOP, 1902)
    Snippets from the diary of Elizabeth Woodville - who would one day become a queen of England!

    Holidays & Seasonal
  • Country Customs for July: Sheep Shearing Feast (ILA, 1849)
    One of the oldest and "most lively" of British festivals.
  • Country Customs for August: Harvest Home (ILa, 1849)
    A look at British country harvest festivals.
  • Country Customs for September: A Country Fair (ILA, 1849)
    A look at the amusements offered by this festival of the countryside.

    Life & Lifestyle
  • How to Give an Afternoon Tea (Ingalls' Home Magazine, 1889)
    A "five o'clock tea" could be a major social event, with "hundreds of people coming and going." It was not a "sit-down" event, but rather one in which people came in, dined on delicacies whilst standing and chatting, and went out again.
  • My School Days, by E. Nesbit (Parts 7-9) (GOP, 1897)
    Get up close and personal with famous children's author E. Nesbit as she recalls her own childhood in this charming 12-part serial!
  • A Shilling a Day and His Board (CFM, 1885)
    His "board" was literally a board - this is a fascinating article about advertising "sandwich men" - walking billboards!
  • What To Do If You Catch Fire (GOP, 1886)
    Good advice in an era of long skirts and open hearths!

  • An Artist's Trip Through the Clouds (CFM, 1880)
    A ride in a balloon over London.

  • Odds and Ends (Monthly) (GOP, 1895-96)
    A fascinating round-up of news, notes and trivia from around the Victorian world.

    Science & Technology
  • The Pleasure Telephone (The Strand, 1898)
    Imagine being able to receive news, entertainment, music, sports events, and sermons broadcast over a telephone! Oh, wait...
  • The Type-Writer and Type-Writing (GOP, 1888)
    A look at a new-fangled invention that just might change the world...

    Women's Issues
  • A Lance for the Lily (GOP, 1889)
    A gentleman explains why higher education will be harmful to women.

    World Travel & Cultures
  • A Few German Cures (CFM, 1880)
    Visiting the "spa" was all the fashion in Europe, but one might hesitate to use the "roll-cure" or the "goat's whey cure"...

    Special Fiction Bonus!
  • How I Drove a Motor Car for Randal, by Richard Marsh (The Strand, 1901)
    It looked easy enough! Special Fiction Bonus, only in the Quarterly!

    The Library
    A Song of Degrees
    The Dialect Tale
    Under the Eaves
    Monthly "Garland"
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