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Victorian Times Quarterly #3
January-March 2015
Back Issues/Upcoming Issues: Victorian Times

Victorian Times Quarterly
Victorian Times Quarterly #3 brings you the complete contents of Victorian Times for January, February and March 2015 in a beautiful print edition.

  • Chronicles of an Anglo-Californian Ranch, Parts 1-4 (GOP, 1899)
    Another British family sallies forth into the New World to seek its fortune, this time in southern California, not far from the "busy and enterprising town of Los Angeles." Hard work, they find!
  • Women Workers in the United States (CFM, 1885)
    A female art instructor in the US informs British ladies of the job opportunities available in this country, how to apply, and what to expect when they get here.

  • Bits About Rats (GOP, 1881)
    Rats can be clever creatures, as this article shows!
  • The Dog Orchestra (The Strand, 1897)
    A look at six dogs who, yes, actually play musical instruments!
  • My Friend Douglas (CFM, 1892)
    Douglas lives a leisurely life in the country, yet carries his home on his back... which makes sense, as he is a tortoise!
  • The Queen's Pet Dogs (GOP, 1900)
    Meet Marco, Spot and Beppo - and many other favorites of Queen Victoria - along with a look at the roles dogs have played in the lives of other British monarchs.

  • Afternoon Tea-Cakes (GOP, 1891)
    Lemon Cakes, Cocoa-Nut Cakes, Cocoa Cones, and Almond Croquettes are just a few of the tempting dainties in this article.
  • American Cookery (GOP, 1884)
    Griddle Cakes, Pan Cakes, Buckwheat Cakes, Baltimore Biscuits, Pies of every description (including "squash pie"), and the syrups to serve them with, including "French Honey" (warning: not for dieters!).
  • Different Ways of Making and Serving French Pastry and Cakes (GOP, 1900)
    This set of recipes is sure to make your mouth water! It also introduces the novel notion of measuring ingredients by quantity (e.g., cup, teaspoon, etc.) rather than weight! (Another old method was to use the price - i.e., "five-pence-worth of cream"!)
  • Hasty Dishes (CFM, 1888)
    Sometimes even Victorian cooks were in a hurry; here are some hints on how to handle this common kitchen problem!
  • Some Recipes from an Old Housekeeper's Book (GOP, 1896)
    Some delicious puddings from an antique cookery book.
  • Tried Recipes for January (GOP, 1896)
    Start the New Year with such confections as Tea-Cakes, Sugar Puffs, Household Cheesecakes, and Apple Chutney - or start your day with delicious Breakfast Sausages or Surprise Sausages.
  • Recipes for February (GOP, 1896)
    The recipes this month are... interesting. They include kidney & macaroni, rabbit galantine, turnip puree and haddock toast! (But the savoury puffs and everyday cheesecake sound good...)
  • Recipes for March (GOP, 1896)
    Sultana Pudding, Orange Marmalade and Rhubarb Compote all sound good, but I absolutely have to try "Chestnut Soup"!

  • How to Embroider in Crewels, Part 1 (GOP, 1880)
    Some beautiful patterns for this classic form of embroidery.
  • How to Make Bead Flowers (GOP, 1881)
    This lovely craft never goes out of style.
  • A Lesson in Design (GOP, 1885)
    Learn how to turn objects from nature - plants, leaves, flowers - into elegant designs for embroidery and other crafts.
  • A Painted and Embroidered Picture Frame; A Gauze and Lace Sofa Cushion (GOP, 1900)
    Two charming craft projects.

  • The Etiquette of Card-Leaving (GOP, 1895)
    How you leave your calling card, and what card you leave, speaks volumes for the sort of person you are! For example, omitting the prefix "Miss" (if unmarried) suggests a woman of "masculine proclivities" - though "many young women of really womanly natures may copy the style from others less well-bred than themselves."
  • How to Make Conversation (CFM, 1888)
    A prize-winning essay on how to talk about something other than the weather!
  • The Rules of Society (GOP, 1899)
    For those who "feel a little uncertain" about those small things in life that might seem unimportant, but that mean so much...

    Fashion & Costume
  • Caps (GOP, 1892)
    An illustrated look at fashionable headwear for old and young, upstairs and downstairs.
  • On the Origin and History of Muffs (GOP, 1896)
    When I was a child, I always wanted a fur muff - and in this weather, I still do!
  • Well-Dressed (Godey's, 1860)
    Words of wisdom from this icon of Victorian fashion!

    Folklore & History
  • Clog Almanac; Whitsun Ale Jug; Tokens of Thunder (ILA, 1850)
    Thunder in November means a good harvest and "myrthe" among the people; thunder in April betokeneth "deth of wikid men." This page also offers a glimpse of a couple of intriguing antiquities, including a "clog almanac" - a Saxon calendar carved on a four-sided rod.
  • Court Cookery (GOP, 1894)
    Here's a collection of delightful foods you probably won't want to serve at your next dinner party, including antelopes, swans, cygnets and eagles!
  • House Mottoes (GOP, 1898)
    No horse-leeches need apply! A two-part look at some quaint and curious inscriptions found upon and within ancient homes.
  • When I Was a Girl (GOP, 1880)
    A look back at the early part of the 19th century...

    Holidays & Seasonal
  • January: Plough Monday (ILA, 1849)
    Discover the curious customs of the countryside, month by month, in this new series. Plough Monday will remind readers a bit of Halloween's pranks - if one didn't provide a bit of dosh for the ploughmen, they'd plough up your yard!
  • February: Valentine's Day (ILA, 1849)
    A look back at Valentine's Day in the early part of the 19th century.
  • St. Valentine's Day (GOP, 1880)
    When this article was written, Valentines were still popular in Victorian Britain, but just beginning to taper off...
  • Vanishing Valentines (The Strand, 1895)
    By 1895, this author was confident that Valentines would soon be a thing of the past! Their popularity, still strong in 1880, was on the wane - not least, the author believed, because bloomer-clad women who smoked "in their own clubs" did not perhaps lend themselves to romantic notions!
  • Country Customs for March: Primrose and Palm Gathering (ILA, 1849)
    This installment looks at Palm Sunday, some country place names, and the countryside in March.

    Life & Lifestyle
  • January: The Fancy Ball (ILA, 1855)
    Catch a glimpse of that beloved staple of movies: The costume ball!
  • My School Days, by E. Nesbit (Parts 1-3) (GOP, 1897)
    Get up close and personal with famous children's author E. Nesbit as she recalls her own childhood in this charming 12-part serial!
  • Our Soirée Musicale (CFM, 1874)
    A delightful bit of humor that explores Victorian pomposity - as a social group discovers that one of its potential members is (gasp) in trade!
  • That Quiet Half-Hour... The Plaint of a Housemother (CFM, 1892)
    Her plaint, of course, is that there is no such thing as a quiet half hour!

  • Odds and Ends (Monthly) (GOP, 1895-96)
    A fascinating round-up of news, notes and trivia from around the Victorian world.
  • Varieties (GOP, 1885)
    An intriguing round-up of odds and ends and trivia.

  • The Queen's Pet Dogs (GOP, 1900)
    Meet Marco, Spot and Beppo - and many other favorites of Queen Victoria - along with a look at the roles dogs have played in the lives of other British monarchs.

    Science & Technology
  • Strange Devices (The Strand, 1895)
    A follow-on to "Eccentric Ideas" in the November 2014 issue, this article explores such Victorian oddities as a goldfish tank in which the fish can literally ring for supper, and a candle that explodes to reveal a ghost!

    Women's Issues
  • The Woman of the Nineteenth Century (Demorest, 1885)
    This American publication points out (with a lovely two-page illustration) that the empowered, emancipated woman of the 19th century is hardly something new - but rather, a return to her historical destiny!

    Working Life
  • An Extinct Industry (GOP, 1895)
    It's always the same story: New technology makes old jobs obsolete. Like this new-fangled invention, the typewriter...
  • Girls Who Work With Their Hands (GOP, 1896)
    Excerpts from a competition run by the GOP to find out, in their own worlds, a bit about the lives and work of factory girls and other women workers. Some fascinating snippets about women's working lives!
  • Wages of Domestic Servants (GOP, 1901)
    How much do servants earn? How about servants under the age of 15?

    World Travel & Cultures
  • The Cakes of Other Climes (GOP, 1893)
    This is a charming look at different types of cakes and their "occasions" in other countries - more of a cultural roundup than a recipe collection.

    Special Fiction Bonus!
  • The New Accelerator, by H.G. Wells (The Strand, 1901)
    Wouldn't you like to work faster and have more time? This might not work out quite the way you'd expect... Special Fiction Bonus, only in the Quarterly!

    My Pet
    The Cambridge Exam
    A Wish
    Somebody's Valentine
    The Plea of the Tom-Tit
    Signs of Spring
    The Glacier vs. the Editor
    O You Fellers in the City
    The Month of ...
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