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Victorian Times Quarterly #1
July-September 2014
Back Issues/Upcoming Issues: Victorian Times

Victorian Times Quarterly
Victorian Times Quarterly #1 brings you the complete contents of Victorian Times for July, August and September 2014 in a beautiful print edition.

  • American Slang, Catch-Words and Abbreviations (GOP, 1894)
    No common language? Brits found American terms like "greased lightning," "tangle-leg" and "pan out" to be quite entertaining!
  • A Lady's Journey to Texas and Back Again, Parts 1-4 (GOP, 1883)
    An account of a British family trying to make a "go" of ranching in Texas. Part 2 provides a delightful picture of San Antonio in the 1880's - then a town of some 22,000 inhabitants. Parts 3 and 4 look at some of the wildlife hazards of Texas, including the "alligator gar" (garfish), the water moccasin, the chicken snake, and the rattle-snake - along with a greedy snake who got himself stuck when stealing eggs! Plus tips on what to pack for such a journey - and the author's final return to England.

  • Anchor: A Stag-Beetle Study (GOP, 1897)
    "A beetle is generally characterised as 'horrid,' and anyone liking such a creature is... considered eccentric," writes Eliza Brightwen - and then proceeds to delight us with her story of Anchor, her "pet" stag beetle.
  • Asnapper, the Brown Owl (GOP, 1895)
    Eliza Brightwen returns with an account of sharing her drawing-room with a particularly sociable bird.
  • A Doggie Story (GOP, 1885)
    From the author of "Long Tail, Esquire" from our previous issue, this is a touching tale of how a lost dog was reunited with his master.
  • The Fierceness of Gloucester (GOP, 1898)
    Another story from Eliza Brightwen, about a rather bullying squirrel.
  • A Happy Family (GOP, 1891)
    Martha and Willy were, in fact, two full-grown lions living with a widow in Boston!
  • Long Tail, Esquire (GOP, 1885)
    A delightful story about the adventures of a mouse - which I found all the more charming because it's not unlike what goes on in my own house...
  • Mary's Little Lamb (From a Victorian scrap album, 1889)
    Did you know that there really was a Mary, and she really did have a little lamb that followed her to school? Here's the real story!
  • Mischievous Jack (GOP, 1899)
    A charming account by naturalist Eliza Brightwen of a semi-tame jackdaw who wreaks havoc in the home and aviary!
  • The Princess of Wales' Dogs (GOP, 1900)
    Meet Tufi, Foxey, Marvel, Blackie and more -- and visit the graves of dogs beloved by the royal family!

  • Apples, and What to Do With Them (GOP, 1884)
    A host of mouthwatering apple recipes, including Compote, Apple Fritters, Apple Charlotte, Apple Gateau and Apple Custard.
  • A Chapter on Sweet Pickles (CFM, 1888)
    Whether you prefer to call them "pickles" (as Americans do) or "spiced fruits" (apparently a term preferred by the Brits), these recipes will have you drooling!
  • Recipes for August (GOP, 1896)
    Who could resist "General Satisfaction Pudding?"
  • Recipes for September (GOP, 1896)
    This selection offers a number of recipes for blackberries, including Blackberry Charlotte, Blackberry Jelly, Blackberry and Apple Tart, and Blackberry and Apple Jam.
  • Recipes for the Housewife (GOP, 1896)
    Brandy Snaps, Gingerbread Cake, Lemon Mince Pies, Almond Puffs... and let's not overlook Sheep's Tongues in Savoury Jelly!
  • Some Charming Dishes (GOP, 1888)
    Charming indeed, including a Casserole of French Plums, a German Apple Tart, Snow Pudding, and Pineapple Fritters.
  • Some Foreign Sweet Dishes and How to Make Them (GOP, 1891)
    Including Almond Pudding, Lemon Cream, Almond Balls, Apples in Cream, Pistache Pudding, and Sugar Nuts.
  • Swiss Cakes, and How to Make Them (GOP, 1890)
    Almond Sugar-Bread, Swabian Bread, Chocolate Cake and Macaroons are just a few of the recipes in this collection!
  • Useful Domestic Hints and Receipts (ILA, 1846)
    Recipes for Her Majesty's Pudding, Prince Albert's Pudding (apparently they didn't eat the same one!), Mulled Wine and more.

  • Motives [Motifs] from Japanese Embroideries (GOP, 1890)
    A three-part series that provides some beautiful patterns from Japanese embroideries.
  • Pleasant Work for Autumn (GOP, 1893)
    How to press leaves for attractive autumn decorations.

  • Deportment: Some Considerations on the Subject (GOP, 1891)
    An artist shares his notions about proper (and improper) posture in a lady.
  • Polite Answers to Impertinent Questions (GOP, 1891)
    Read this and you'll know just what to say the next time someone asks you an embarrassing question!
  • Why Personal Remarks Are to Be Avoided (GOP, 1889)
    Perhaps... perhaps not... this author argues that even pleasant remarks can wound!

  • The Apotheosis of the Pocket Handkerchief (GOP, 1898)
    It was an "article of fashion, an ornament to be worn, and carried in the hand and used on state occasions" - this article describes the evolution of the lady's handkerchief from the 15th century.

    Folklore & History
  • The Cup that Cheers (GOP, 1880)
    A brief history of tea - the lifeblood of Victorian England!
  • Flowers in History, Parts 1-3 (of 6) (GOP, 1889)
    A delightful look at the folklore of flowers, and the role they've played in British history.
  • Women Soldiers (GOP, 1894)
    A look at some real-life "Amazons" throughout history, including the contemporary all-female warrior bodyguard of the King of Dahomey.

    Holidays & Seasonal
  • Chats About the Calendar (GOP, 1883)
    Folklore about the month of August.

  • How to Wait at Table (GOP, 1887)
    The key to a successful dinner party is servants who know just how to "wait at table" - and this article provides a detailed explanation of all the rules and requirements!
  • The Law of Mistress and Servant (GOP, 1886)
    What one may not have gleaned from Downton Abbey is that the relationship between mistress and servant was one of mutual obligation, with specific rules and rights governing each.
  • Recipes for Perfumes (GOP)
    Includes a recipe for hair renewer, and a recipe for a perfume smelling of new-mown hay.
  • Serviettes, and How to Fold Them (GOP, 1893)
    I've always wanted to learn how to fold napkins, and this article spells it all out with marvelous diagrams.

  • How I Tried to Write a Story (CFM, 1888)
    An amusing account of an author's efforts to "break in" that will ring just as true with writers today!
  • Our American Sale, and How We Worked It (GOP, 1889)
    This novel type of bazaar (novel to Victorian England, at least) is what any American reader would recognize as a classic "rummage sale!"
  • Spring Clean (GOP, 1895)
    A writer expresses concern over this peculiar "occult form of worship" that takes place in English households every spring!
  • Village Life (ILA, 1855)
    A town lady visits the country, and finds it a bit different from what she is accustomed to.
  • A Village Shop (The Leisure Hour, 1860)
    In many a pleasant village, this article tells us, "the grand business of shopping has all to be transacted under a single roof" -- whether you need a chemist, a hosier, a butcher, or a post office.

  • Odds and Ends (Monthly) (GOP, 1895)
    A fascinating round-up of news, notes and trivia from around the Victorian world.
  • Snippets from Godey's Lady's Book (Godey's Lady's Book, 1860)
    Amusing observations of women traveling on street cars, and some paper puns.

    Objects & Curiosities
  • Birthday Cards (The Strand, 1891)
    In 1891, "birthday cards" had only been around for 50-60 years. Find out what they looked like, and meet some Victorian birthday card poets.
  • Curious Bibles (The Strand, 1897)
    The "vinegar" Bible, the "Wicked" Bible, the "She" Bible, and a variety of other curious misprints that have turned several editions of The Great Book into highly collectible rarities!
  • Book-Plates (GOP, 1896)
    Some marvelous illustrations of bookplates in history bring this piece to life!

    Recreation & Travel
  • The Sea-Side (ILA, 1853)
    A walk by the shore - the British tourist's favorite in-country travel destination!

  • The Princess of Wales' Dogs (GOP, 1900)
    Meet Tufi, Foxey, Marvel, Blackie and more -- and visit the graves of dogs beloved by the royal family!

    Women's Issues
  • Girls of Fifty Years Ago and Now (GOP, 1901)
    A fascinating look at how women's roles had changed between 1850 and 1900!
  • Our Husbands (GOP, 1901)
    How a wife may help make a marriage work with "sacrifice" but not "slavery."

    Picture Features
  • Watches of All Times (The Strand, 1894)
    That pun wasn't mine! This is a charming set of illustrations depicting some odd and eccentric watches throughout history.

    Special Fiction Bonus!
  • A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, by Mark Twain (Century, 1890)
    Special Fiction Bonus - Mark Twain's promotional excerpt of his new novel. Only in the Quarterly!

    Mr. Smith (a dog of low degree)
    The Pastor's Appeal
    Ode to Kittenhood
    Girton Girl
    Miss Jetty Vogel's Cat
    The Married Man
    There's a Boy in the House
    The Month of ...
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